See Y La Bamba at Bumbershoot on Fri Aug 30, 7:35 pm, Mural Amphitheatre. Nadav Benjamin / JOOP JOOP Creative

This year's musical lineup at Bumbershoot isn't super exciting, but there are some artists (beyond Carly Rae Jepsen; Tyler, the Creator; and the Dip) that we believe are worthy of your ears. Here are six sets worth checking out.

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Based on an island off the coast of British Columbia, Art d'Ecco (probably not his real name) looks like he won second prize in a Siouxsie Sioux look-alike contest. But his voice isn't as deep as that post-punk icon's. Rather, he sings in a wispy timbre more associated with your favorite twentysomething indie-rock diva, augmented by a dash of New Romantic drama in his delivery. Inspired by shoegaze greats Deerhunter's Cryptograms, David Bowie's best LP (Low), and various krautrock records, Art d'Ecco released a brilliant debut album last year, Trespasser. Its flamboyant, melodically ambitious update of glam rock should make for a spectacular live show. DAVE SEGAL

When immensely gifted R&B singer H.E.R. first arrived on the scene in 2016, it was a bit unclear who she actually was. She wouldn't show her face in pictures, and for live performances, she hid behind giant sunglasses. Eventually her identity was revealed to be Gabi Wilson, a former child prodigy signed to RCA Records who wanted the focus to be less on her as a person and more on her creative output. Very cool. This "anti-star" has one of the most beautiful voices around, which cruises soulfully and expertly over laid-back beats. H.E.R. is perfect for both the early stages of love and the post-breakup night in. "Best Part" took me out of my body, and "Every Kind of Way" put me back in. JASMYNE KEIMIG

Lizzo [Doh! Canceled]

Minneapolis rapper, singer, and flautist Lizzo has blown the fuck up over the past year from a mix of hyped-up performances, viral videos, and a fantastic major-label debut. That album, Cuz I Love You, navigates between pop, R&B, funk, hip-hop, and rock with ease. Her headlining set at Capitol Hill Block Party in July drew so many people to Pike Street that The Stranger had to watch from the gas station behind the stage. People were pressed together like sardines, many of them sobbing and carrying on like they were seeing the Beatles. It was a mess. Her Bumbershoot gig was announced the next day, so we presume her set at the roomy Memorial Stadium will make up for the CHBP clusterfuck. LEILANI POLK

UPDATE: Sadly for everyone, Lizzo has canceled her appearance at Bumbershoot.


The artist otherwise known as Laura Pergolizzi has a righteous head of curls and vocals that can soar to dramatic heights of belting or slink and slide in a smoky, lower-key tone that's vaguely reminiscent of Stevie Nicks. Her most recent outing, 2018's Heart to Mouth, reveals that her alt-pop-oriented grooves are as varied as her delivery. You may not be familiar with her solo work, but there's a good chance you've heard the chart toppers she's cowritten for the likes of Rihanna ("Cheers [Drink to That]"), Cher, Christina Aguilera, and others. She's got a pop-sensible heart and an elegantly lyrical brain that deserve your attention. LEILANI POLK

Among the few decent outright rock-and-roll bands on the Bumbershoot bill is Saskatchewan power trio Reignwolf, who are definitely channeling the best parts of Led Zeppelin, Cream, Black Sabbath, and other vintage rock and heavy-metal juggernauts. All the while they maintain their own searing individuality with a thick, fuzzed-out mix of blues rock, punk blues, garage, and alt rock fueled by howling, raging, guitar-shredding frontman Jordan Cook. It's modern cock rock at its best, and it's gonna blast your fucking face off. This date falls behind the release of their debut full-length, Hear Me Out, and a recent slot warming up for the Who LEILANI POLK

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Oh my god, Y La Bamba are so good. So good. Imagine the notes of a guitar expressed as light through a crystal and then converted back into sound. Slather vocalist and guitarist Luz Elena Mendoza's folky, craggy, beautiful vocals on top, oscillating between Spanish and English, and you have sonic gold. Their latest release, Mujeres, was the soundtrack to my winter, the one ray of warm sunshine in my cold room. "Cuatro Crazy" sounds like something the great British band Broadcast might have put out. "Dieciséis" plays like a prayer, and "Mujeres" an answer to one. Their new album, Entre Los Dos, drops in September. JASMYNE KEIMIG