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What happens when you take those over-the-counter "male enhancement" pills? Only one way to find out.

I bought mine at the gas station 7/11 at the corner of Madison and 16th. Terra DeHart



Some more insight on those pills:
Those pills are produced in China and the listed ingredients vs ACTUAL ingredients is anyone's guess, as is the dosage of the active ingredients.
Yohimbe is common in those pills as it is technically natural, but they frequently use ED medications or their chemical cousins.
The dosages in these pills are high, as in DANGEROUSLY high for either ED meds or yohimbe. For people reading this and still considering the pills, yohimbe being natural does not mean it is not dangerous. Yohimbe has what's called a narrow therapeutic index, which in English means the difference between a dose that has the desired effect and a dose that can send you to a hospital is relatively small.
The FDA regularly has to order businesses to stop selling these pills, but the catch is they can only order a recall if there is a reported adverse event with someone who took the medication. Consequently the FDA can only react
Rhino places numbers on the end of their pills so that if they ever are forced to recall one all they have to do is change the number at the end (e.g. 6900 becomes 69000) and [poof] back on store shelves.
Side note: your experience with your first pill sounds EXACTLY like my experience with yohimbe supplements, even more than your experience with your second pill that listed it as an ingredient.


Not all heroes wear capes.



Chase: please do not consume anything that hasn’t been tested and approved for consumption by the FDA. Those pills exist for one reason only- Darwinism.

I appreciate that you are a writer and a genius, and much like other literary geniuses (Hunter S Thompson comes to mind), you’re going to get a wild hair up your ass and do some wild shit just to get material for a good article or a book or something. It’s just that I’d like to see what brilliant stuff you produce ten years from now, and if you’re dead from eating gas station pharmaceuticals, that’s not gonna happen.


There's a meat sweats joke in here somewhere


Be a safe hero and send those suckers in to a lab for analysis. I'll bet you find sildafenil and lead.


You can buy DHEA over the counter
if you're (18? or) 21 or older.

But check it out Well, first...


Years ago, my work buddy was wanting to go get some drinks after work since we both got off the same time the next day. I was getting this hunch she was wanting to up the ante a bit, so I said sure. Then I was in a gas station convenience store the morning of and thought "Why Not?" I bought two Black Mamba things and took one when we got off work and then the other when my suspicions were confirmed. When we started going for it at my place my junk was practically pulsating and more or less kept raising its head for about 48hrs. Needless to say, she was most impressed and now I don't want to let her down on those semi-annual hookups.


I’m hoping this article is a joke and you didn’t really take the pills. You could have died or permanently damaged your junk.

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