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A leaf that might be able to wean people off opiates without serious withdrawal symptoms has entered the market. So why are officials who haven’t studied the science yet scrambling to ban it?


Buprenorphine is a partial-ag opiod medication designed for just this purpose.
"Finding an inexpensive, naturally occurring way to wean people off of heroin and prescription opiates without serious withdrawal symptoms would be a silver bullet for public health—and a gold mine for any entrepreneurs who discovered it."

It's already been discovered. Ibogaine is an extract of the African iboga bush (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ibogaine). It is a psychedelic that is well known to cure both psychological and physical opiate withdrawal effects with typically only one trip. Of course, its schedule one in the US. Isn't the DEA wise and wonderful? Luckily Canada is more forward thinking.

Love your drug reporting. FYI the term is opioid (as opposed to opiate) for any substance, natural or synthetic, that binds to these receptors. (Although the real annoyance is that most of the health care professionals I know still say "narcotic.")

What purpose? Banning Kratom?

Mmmm yummy! some Khat Kratom Cat Shit.
@2 Ibogaine is already Schedule 1 in the United States.

We need to abolish the DEA.
@1 The current drug licensing schema employed in the United States means that buprenorphine, a patented medication, can be legal but it is much harder to establish new (to white people) plants as medicines since no one can obtain a monopoly on sales of it. Thus no one wants to sink the money into the studies necessary to bring it to market.
I've been clean from long term opiate addiction for 4 years since taking ibogaine, had to go to Mexico to do it legally. I had been on Suboxone (buprenorphine) for 4 years prior to Ibogaine. That stuff is very toxic and very hard to get off of when taken long term, made me retarded and suicidal, but hey, I went to work. I once took Kratom extracts for 2 days to ease heroin withdrawal, it worked OK.
Its good to be clean, all power to ya @8
Maybe the illicit heroin trade that the US government is operating in Afghanistan makes the DEA wary of allowing a drug that harmlessly replaces heroin to flourish.
Suffice it to say, the DEA's claims aren't based on robust research.

The campaigns of Representative Baudler and Senator Crowe to shove kratom into the schedule-one category are not based on reason or research.


I really dislike paternalism, even more when it's completely without fact-based rationale.
I've utilized kratom for many years after detoxing from methadone and never returning to a functional person. (mentally -- the physical was the easy part for me) It's been a god-send in every single aspect of my life. I hope that Baudler and anyone else looking negatively at this leaf does some research on how many people it's helping. And for the record, Not just ex-addicts.. Ailments as mild as diarrhea to the severity of cancer patients using it for pain. This is a miraculous tree and should not be thrown away and disregarded as having no value!! It has more value and worth than ANY piece of shit, man-made, pharmaceutical or synthetic substance big pharma, and the likes of, try to shove down our throats!

Nice work Brendan, I've researched this plant before and you have every fact straight, every single one. Excellent reporting!
Thank you for providing the first article I have seen in years that accurately describes Kratom without the "new drug scare" tactic sooo many others have.
I am a middle aged woman who has had 3 back surgeries and live in constant pain. I went through the gamut of pharmaceuticals (oxycontin, lortab, fentanyl, lyrica, methadone, neurontin, and many, many more) and all of the narcotics took my soul and eventually didn't even help the pain. I found Kratom almost 3 years ago and have my life back with manageable pain. In those 3 years, I have never experienced any hallucinations or been "high". The worst side effect experienced was nausea. I only use 1/2 teaspoon extract once a day and it helps more than any other pain reliever I have found without all the side effects. If it becomes illegal, I will truly be devastated. I wish anyone who makes the laws would just use it once and see it is not the sinister drug it has been made out to be.
I've read of people using it for anxiety disorders. Perhaps they want to keep the anxiety level up. Oh well, they used to have a sort of ban on Stevia as well. Now it's quite common. For a while, it could only be sold as a dietary supplement without any words indicating it was a sweetener on the box.
I am 63 years old and a tax-paying productive member of society. I have been using kratom daily for several years to combat chronic anxiety and depression plus the minor aches and pains resulting from my work and my age. It works great and I have NO side effects. Good appitite, sleep good, regular bowels, and my liver is in great shape even though I have had hepatitis c for more that 20 years.I will tell you in a nutshell what is behind the calls for banning it. Big Pharma. They don't want people to have a safe, cheap natural alternative to the expensive,dangerous addictive drugs that they sell at great profit.Am I addicted? Probably. But so long as it is legal,that is not a problem. I am also addicted to a cousin of kratom,called coffee. So what.
kratom has allowed me to beat my depression and anxi.ety. It has allowedvme to save thousands of dollars i would have spent pn doctors who did not care that the drugs they gave me didnt work and had dibilitating effects and withdraws. I have taken this plant for two years and it is the best choice i ever made. I dont want to i will not go listen toba lier doctor pushing drugsnon me. Theyblie right to my face not aware i have some education also assuming i want the pills but some people dont. We arent all baby boomer ex hippie closet drug users. This stuff is not pot it dise not get me high, it sure does allow me to function though
www.kratomplants.com is the best place to get it.
I live in Iowa, and have used Kratom for roughly 5 years now. I have never had any type of hallucinogenic nor life threatening reactions to it at all. This is simply ridiculous. A good friend of mine is a part of an organization called the Kratom association who has been contacting senators in Iowa for over a month now and they simply are ignoring us. It's pretty disheartening when you used to believe that we had a voice. Now here is the kicker. I am a law enforcement officer of the state of Iowa who was approved to use kratom by my superiors after they did actual research on it. I am staying anonymous for obvious reasons but I have stated this to the senators through letters my friend has sent to them for me and again it falls on deaf ears. It's ridiculous; I guess they would rather that I as well as many of my colleagues (who use Kratom too for pain) go on disability because we cannot work on the RX drugs that they have prescribed. Makes me sick that this is happening and that if it goes through disability will most certainly be knocking on the state of IA's door as far as myself is concerned.
Randomly, I read this...

So why are officials who haven’t studied the science yet scrambling to ban it?

And thought "Hey, it's what they're trying to do to the internet, and they haven't studied that either."
Great Article: I just wanted to say that I have been using kratom for several years now and would not have become as successful as I am today without finding it. I have this anxiety disorder that causes me to sweat and completely lose my mind in social situations. I fear people. Even when I am taking those stupid cocain like anti depressants that make me fat. I take a few spoon fulls of this "Tree Leaf" every day and since starting I went from dropping out of three colleges and getting kicked out of the navy to being one semester away from earning a degree from a Jesuit University (wont mention which one but I am sure your first guess will suffice). Oh and I do not drink a fifth of alcohol every day like I used to either. I went from completely compulsive with everything to being somewhat mellow. I wish I did not need anything but that is not an option. This stuff works for me. I wish they did research on it before they banned it. It is more effective than any anti depressant, psychotic or anxiety medication I have ever tried. three years of use and a lot of use by the way. I have big wide blue eyes and and look like an all American. I have become that conservative preppy I always dreamed of becoming. Now imagine if I had been using opiates for three years.... Please for the love of god stop comparing this "Tree Leaf" to an opiate. Oh and stop talking about it online you fucking losers. "oh man its sooo good." Hey you know what else is good you little shit? Getting some discipline. Something every American teenager needs these days. They are all products of your baby boomer liberal studies hippy dick sucking no bodies who shit on every vietnam war vet that came home doing what you should have been doing. I hate all liberals they control the media and they want to ruin all that is good. They are like little worried mothers with their first child.
as of 5-17-2012 in louisiana due to myself and a few associates were directly responsible for getting S.B. No. 130 floor ammended on 5-17-2012 to allow an 18 year age restriction instead of making kratom an illegal schedule 1 substance here in louisiana. Our law makers had no idea what kratom isor any of its almost miraculous benefits. The bill is now back in the senate for concurrence,or as per sen. Crowe,if the senate cannot agree to this, the senator would veto/squash the bill alltogether. This is a huge victory for kratom researchers nationwide. The time is now to stand up and take action in your respective states, as soon as you see/hear anything about kratom in your states legislature A.S.A.P..and its not as impossible as most people think to affect state laws. So call/e-mail your respective senators/legislators(ALL OF THEM!!!)before its too late and all of our Constitutional Rights are dissolved or erroded away due to pure blatent ignorance on the part of our lawmakers all for there own political aspirations and nothing more!!! All I can say is, never give up, or what you are fighting for, will be given up for you!-
Kratom is a miracle plant. I've taken 7g daily for a month or more and have stopped "cold turkey" several times with absolutely ZERO side effects/withdrawals to speak of. 7g a day (with a pinch of Kanna which potentiates and works synergistically with kratom) puts me in a fantastically clear, focused, energized and yet relaxed mood while not prohibiting me from going about my day in a normal manner. It does what no pharmaceutical can do safely or as effective.

All the negative things the DEA has to report about this plant is based on life long Thai addicts who chew the leaves directly all day every day, consuming mega amounts of kratom that would be unfathomable for anyone using this plant for common therapeutic reasons. The reports of skin discoloration come from the leave chewers where over time it starts to turn their cheeks a dark color, skin discoloration will not occur from drinking tea. I also can not stand how the DEA refers to any consumption of kratom as "abuse". Because anything you take on your own that has the ability to make you feel good (tsssk tsssk) and actually improves the quality of your life that does not support big pharma is bad for you, ok? Even though 1000s of years of known safe human consumption proves otherwise.

I really hope the DEA does not ruin this amazing medicine for myself and so many others. If anything, they should be looking at banning the extracts only. First of all every extract is an overpriced scam. You will pay $20-$30 for 1-2 doses. I've tried several extracts and none are as effective as loose leaf. Specifically, premium grade Bali that can be purchased at a fraction of the cost in bulk. I can see a problem where young uneducated people may unknowingly consume a very potent extract and experience some nasty effects from it, but this is impossible when using loose leaf when having to do the research to figure out how much to weigh out.

I'm hoping the nasty taste of this stuff will be the saving grace for this plant, keeping most of the irresponsible high seekers away from giving Kratom a bad rep.
Kratom works for me as well since discovering it 2 years ago. I suffer from chronic pain that my MD prescribes hydrocodone from time to time, in between injections for my joint condition. Although it doesn't work as well for the pain, I enjoy kratom to enjoy a few days off of narcotics from time to time. This is good for keeping me free from full-blown addition and withdrwal illness. It also allows the prescribed meds to continue to work well when they are taken, and I also can take a break from being a zombie at work all the time. It's a little pricey, but I see no harm in responsible use among people who take kratom and it's effects seriously and can make informed decisions about their personal health. just my two cents ;)
Great plant changed my life took off edge when I stopped smoking weed taking oxy and smoking ciggerets all at once I have also sufferd from anxiety since I was a child which caused my addictions no doc has ever been able to provide me with a safer less intoxicating RX med than what I was able to provide myself with once I discovered Kratom
The scheduling of Kratom would be devistating to my newly found solid drug free lifestyle
Planing on planting several trees on my property and if they do schedule this plant the dea will have to come remove them them them selfs and inprison me Becouse if I am not able to buy Kratom I will most likly end up in jail or the cemetery anyway god bless Kratom and all it's users may it live on open in public eye and may it help many many many many others
I have recently purchased my first order of Kratom caps. I am a 53 year old female with a severe back condition. I was given hydromophone and methadone at my very first pain management appointment. These medications really scare me and I know it would just be a matter of time before they became an addiction for me. My family physician was shocked with the strength of these medications and was quick to tell me to ask for something not as strong. I have read many good things about Kratom and it's effects so I am surprised that someone would want to put a ban on it. Would it not be a better choice than these really hard drugs that are being prescribed now? I really hope the Kratom works for me so that I do not even have to see this PM doctor next month and wonder what he will suggest next. I'm just not sure how much to start off with because the vendor is not able to make these types of suggestions.
@grandmarose...I would start out at 1 teaspoon. You can always increase if needed. I typically mix with applesauce or with 1/2 water and drink followed with milk (to mask taste). I too have been prescribed heavy pain meds and chose to try a natural way first. I am happy with kratom and after taking regular for 2 years I am more healthy now than ever!
Kratom saved my life. I use it instead of all the terrible pain pills after my motorcycle accident. I have also seen it save hundreds of other lives! If Kratom is banned I will leave the US so that I can keep making kratom tea without side effects. The thought of it being banned is horrible. It would really destroy America with the pharma more than already. There are so many hundreds of people getting side effect free relief. I will do anything necessary to protect this all natural herb that God gave us! Any questions people have about kratom if you want unbiased advise from somebody that uses it everyday you can email me wesley at mayankratom dot com I got involved in selling kratom after my whole life was changed. I do not sell to retail markets at all. I only sell to distributors and wholesalers but I do consider myself an expert on the kratom subject. I am not just a reporter with biased information. I am not working for the pharma industry like most people that are spraying evil lies about the herb. I have nothing biased to tell anybody only that it saved my life and thousands of others. The pharma has a huge agenda to keep people hooked on their evil pills.
Kratom is a miracle plant that absolutely has medicinal value. It does not make you hallucinate, that is absolutely false. I have been taking kratom for 5 yrs and it changed my life. It helped me kick an opiate, alcohol and cigarette addiction effortlessly. That is huge, this plant is powerful. I continue to use it for anxiety and depression and it works wonders. People shouldn't be getting overweight on prozac, they should be taking kratom. My friend has had chronic pain that no amount of pharmaceutical opiates or surgery has addressed and kratom dramtically improved his life... Kratom has the potential to lower the amount of stress in your life and infuse you with vitality... Cancer patients could drink kratom and alleviate their symptoms and improve the quality of their lives. I could see how some people are "addicted" but I personally feel its about as addictive as drinking coffee every morning. There is certainly NO terrible withdrawl symptoms as with pharmaceticals, its more of a psychological thing. SHAME on big pharma if they manage to rob us of this magical plant, I seriously intend on ordering trees so I will never be without it. People should not be so quick to ban it without scientific evaluation, it is alarming that something so wonderful could be flushed down the toilet like this.
I have been using Kratom for 5 years now & its a gift from the soil, natural. EVERYTHING on the planet Has A Purpose !!!! I'm a 58yr old male, long time "garbage head" since my teens; alcohol,weed,acid; & most recent,5yrs or so ago & AGAIN,alcohol, crack & heroin.
A computer geek friend was doing some research, tried it for his Bi-Polar & drug abuse problem & guess what ? I tried it in the midst of my full-blown dope,coke,alcohol binge. It stopped me cold & i've been using "K", taking it 2xs daily about 5yrs now.
Yea if i run out, which happens simply by forgetting to order it, i do go thru some withdrawl. But its NOTHING like heroin withdrawl.It cost me about $ 170.00 a month compared to the cost of booze,the dope & coke !!
People need to worry about & take care of THEIR OWN BUSINESS & lives, NOT mine & everyone else's. WE ALL have our own lives to live so STOP trying to make others live as u THINK we should ! GET A LIFE, A-HOLES !
I live on & work ALONE, mostly, a 7 acre farm in Kentucky. A New Jersey transplant & I LOVE IT HERE,the people & this way of life. Im not going to town wanting to rob, steal, shoot, rape, pillage, plunder & burn.
Kentucky Jimi
Nothing is more ignorant than calling Kratom a Hallucinogenic Dangerous Drug. Anyone who says it is hallucinogenic or dangerous, hasn't actually had any experience with it.

Instead, head shops or gas stations offer it in an herbal mixtures with products like Salvia and Yohimbe. They call it herbal X. Yohimbe alone can kill you ( a strong MAOI inhibitor, deadly in combination with any real medication the indicidual might be taking). Both Salvia and Yohimbe used alone can make a person feel like they are dying. Not Kratom.

On its own, it couldn't be safer. And an important pain tonic and homeopathic aid. No one has EVER died using Kratom alone. No One has ever overdosed on Kratom alone. EVER.

Unfortunately, It's when combined with other uppers in an herbal mixture, Kratom gets the blame....

It upsets me to see our rights so unstable. Scientists should be studying the merits of this plant, and many other herbs. (Recently, scientists have found it has properties for use in treating and preventing certain types of cancer).

If someone is an addict, they will be addicted to anything. Cigarettes cause cancer. Alcohol has no use, but to cause mental impairment. Stronger than many illegal substances. Fatty, processed foods cause diabetes, obesity, heart disease, etc. We give our children ADD meds at 5 yrs old.

We are given choices. CHOICES go hand in hand with FREEDOM, remember??

Kratom is the least of our worries. Does no one care to educate themselves before jumping on a smear campaign?
Buprenorphine is a terrible drug with a high risk for addiction despite what the pharm reps told legislates. The withdrawal although better than other opioid's is still terrible and im willing to bet more than half the people on it sell it to buy more powerful drugs.
Kratom is a god send for those of us who have already exposed ourselves to hard drugs and want a way to feel normal again.
Could someone tell me where I can buy Kratom in Seattle. I have a close friend suffering from opiate addiction and I really think this would help her. Are there any safe places I can buy this?

I am not going to name any online vendors but just do a google search for "kratom phyto", the first search result should be a reputable vendor. Whatever you do, do not buy from a head shop.

Do not buy any extract, just buy the plain powdered Bali Kratom leaf. It is fairly inexpensive compared to its medicinal value.

Now, you could either mix some powdered kratom leaf with applesauce or yogurt and eat it or make a tea from it.

If you make a tea from it DO NOT BOIL IT. Simmer it for about an hour, or until the liquid is reduced to half. Then, just drink it, powder and all. Your best bet is to just have your friend eat it.

I wish you and your friend luck.
To answer the number one question "what is the purpose of banning Kratom?"

Big Pharma. They want everyone to buy their highly addictive and expensive drugs like Oxycontin, Vicodin, Xanax, etc.

It is the same reason that Cannabis is still illegal. Big Pharma has/is a very powerful lobbying organization which pressures "law makers" to ban anything they can not make money from.

It really is that simple.
I'm trying to get off oxy (and a few others when I can't find oxy). It's a moderate habit I'd guess, and I'm a serious weenie and I've experienced horrible withdrawal before. Never again. I hope.

Kratom has saved my life. I'm concerned I might have trouble kicking Kratom in the next month or so though, but I've heard it's much easier to stop Kratom than "real" opiates.

Any comments to the accuracy of my impressions would be REALLY helpful. Thanks.
I'm trying to get off oxy (and a few others when I can't find oxy). It's a moderate habit I'd guess, and I'm a serious weenie and I've experienced horrible withdrawal before. Never again. I hope.

Kratom has saved my life. I'm concerned I might have trouble kicking Kratom in the next month or so though, but I've heard it's much easier to stop Kratom than "real" opiates.

Any comments to the accuracy of my impressions would be REALLY helpful. Thanks.
sorry about the duplicate post. Not sure what happened.

To add this nearly pointless post, here's a joke:

"I have a large sex drive. My boyfriend lives 40 miles away."

**First let me say I am not a doctor and I am not giving you medical advise. I am only describing what I would do if I were in your situation.**

It should be easier to get off of Kratom than Oxy. I do not know how much Kratom you take but I would start staggering the doses then I would wean myself off slowly.

For example, if I normally take a tablespoon of Kratom in the morning, I would cut that in half to a half tablespoon in the morning and then take the other half tablespoon at night or whenever I start to feel uncomfortable. After two or three weeks I would only take a total of a three quarters of a tablespoon per day and so on and so on. Just do it slowly and you wont even notice it.

How long have you been off of Oxy? If it has been more then a month I would start detoxing from the Kratom. If it is less then a month I would keep using the Kratom for a bit longer before I start the detox.

Thank you SO much. I went directly to Kratom, and haven't had any Oxy in about 4 days. No ill effects, except Kratom makes my hands shake. Either that or the lack of Oxy.

I'll to the Kratom taper. Not gonna miss that special taste.

Seattle is a wonderful city, lived there for about two years in the 90s. But I'm a small town boy, so I moved back to a little town. I still love to see the Seattle skyline when I'm coming in for a visit.

You're Welcome.

Since you have only been off Oxy for four days I would definitely stick to Kratom for a few months before you start the taper. The longer you are off Oxy the better chance you have of not returning to it and the easier the taper will be.

I have never had shaky hands from Kratom, except when I tried "Gold Reserve Kratom extract", and I will never use that again. The shaky hands could be because of the lack of Oxy, especially since you have only been off of it for four days.

Just stick to regular powdered Bali and you should be fine. When you do start the taper do it slowly and you won't even notice it.

Last summer I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and had been suffering for years with chronic pain and chronic fatigue syndrome. The doctor prescribed a low dose of hydrocodone twice a day. At first I got sick a lot but after a few days I noticed less pain and a boost in energy. After only a month and a half I noticed it was wearing off fast. Last month the doctor increased the dose a lot and the amount of times in a day to take it. I was sad at the tolerance I had built. I started doing research and came across Kratom. If I missed a dose of hydrocodone I had massive side effects and as my tolerance level built chronic fatigue got worse. Two days on Kratom and no hydrocodone I have NO withdrawl symptoms and a major appetite. I also have loads of energy and a wierd happy, life's gonna be good, feeling.mits not over the top but it felt good to be able to play with my student today, and come home ready to play with my children not groggy and depressed. I hope it is never banned and I hope it always works for me:)
Here is some info about the alkaloids, 25 have been identified so far, that are present in Mitragyna Speciosa.

Concentration percentages given come from different studies of alkaloid concentrations in Mitragyna speciosa- Kratom leaf. Some of the alkaloids given in this list still need to be studied more specifically in order to determine their potential activity.

Ajmalicine (Raubasine): Cerebrocirculant, antiaggregant, anti-adrenergic (at alpha-1), sedative, anticonvulsant, smooth muscle relaxer. Also found in Rauwolfia serpentina.


Ciliaphylline: antitussive, analgesic. < 1% of total alkaloid content found in Kratom leaf.

Corynantheidine: μ -opioid antagonist, also found in Yohimbe. < 1% of total alkaloid content found in Kratom leaf.

Corynoxeine: Calcium channel blocker. < 1% of total alkaloid content found in Kratom leaf.

Corynoxine A and B: Dopamine mediating anti-locomotives. < 1% of total alkaloid content found in Kratom leaf.

Epicatechin: Antioxidant, antiaggregant, antibacterial, antidiabetic,
antihepatitic, anti-inflammatory, anti-leukemic, antimutagenic, antiperoxidant,
antiviral, potential cancer preventative, alpha-amylase inhibitor. Also found in dark chocolate.

9-Hydroxycorynantheidine: Partial opioid agonist

7-hydroxymitragynine: Analgesic, antitussive, antidiarrheal; primary
psychoactive in Kratom, Roughly 2% of total alkaloid content found in Kratom leaf.

Isomitraphylline: Immunostimulant, anti-leukemic. < 1% of total alkaloid content found in Kratom leaf.

Isomitrafoline: < 1% of total alkaloid content found in Kratom leaf.

Isopteropodine: Immunostimulant

Isorhynchophylline: Immunostimulant. < 1% of total alkaloid content found in Kratom leaf.

Isospeciofoline: < 1% of total alkaloid content found in Kratom leaf.

Mitraciliatine: < 1% of total alkaloid content found in Kratom leaf.

Mitragynine: Indole alkaloid. Analgesic, antitussive, antidiarrheal, adrenergic, antimalarial,
possible psychedelic (5-HT2A) antagonist. Roughly 66% of total alkaloid content found in Kratom leaf.

Mitragynine oxindole B. < 1% of total alkaloid content found in Kratom leaf.

Mitrafoline: < 1% of total alkaloid content found in Kratom leaf.

Mitraphylline: Oxindole alkaloid. Vasodilator, antihypertensive, muscle relaxer, diuretic, antiamnesic, anti-leukemic, possible immunostimulant. <1% of total alkaloid contents in Kratom leaf.


Paynantheine: Indole alkaloid. Smooth muscle relaxer. 8.6% to 9% of total alkaloid contents in Kratom leaf.

Rhynchophylline: Vasodilator, antihypertensive, calcium channel blocker,
antiaggregant, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, anti-arrhythmic, antithelmintic. < 1% of total alkaloid content found in Kratom leaf.

Speciociliatine: Weak opioid agonist. 0.8% to 1% of total alkaloid content of Kratom leaf, unique to Kratom.


Speciogynine: Smooth muscle relaxer. 6.6% to 7% of total alkaloid contents of Kratom leaf.

Speciophylline: Indole alkaloid. Anti-leukemic. <1% of total alkaloid contents of Kratom leaf.


Tetrahydroalstonine: Hypoglycemic, anti-adrenergic (at alpha-2)

Here is a link to some general information about the Mitragyna Speciosa tree/plant:

Kratom is a benign herb that kills pain, and unfortunately interferes with the big business of pharmaceutical companies handing out addictive painkillers like candy, and creating an epedimic of teen heroin users who move from pills to heroin because of cost.

All this comparing of kratom to heroin and methadone are going to get it banned. I'm sure it could help a heroin addict whos already detoxing, but I cant see it doing anything for a full blown addict because kratom is too weak.

Kratom is a wonderful plant that people take for energy, to help with anxiety / depression, and to help reduce moderate pain. I take it 3 times a day, yes its mildy addictive, more so than coffee, but not even close to tobacco or opiates addictiveness.

Another thing that will get this plant we all love banned is when people call it a legal high. I've taken it at all doses and dont see how the mood lifting energetic effects are the same as a high. It makes you feel good, but so does a cup of coffee, kratom is just better at uplifting the mood with a non jittery energy. the proof of how mild its effects are can be seen on various drug forums, where users of actual drugs claim kratom does little to nothing for them.

lets keep this plant legal by watching what we say about it, because to a non user or drug advocate, some things said about it can be misinterpreted and lead to the kind of hype that lawmakers use to gain favor by banning it.
I have taken Kratom for almost 6 years and am glad I am finally done WASTING my money! Yes, it will help to get you off opioids, but to those that say they had no side effects coming off it I call BS on that. I feel like I have the flu right now 3 days out and can not wait to feel NORMAL again and not on that crap! And to think of the $$$ I have wasted......

If you have ANY addictive traits, maybe (maybe) take it for a week to get off narcs but.....you will become addicted to this as well.....
Kratom has helped an older brother of mine a lot. Got him off roxies.. I have a friend that died from them, and its an epidemic in south florida. but thankfully my brother was able to get off of them.

side note- he knows a ton about kratom, he says Mayan Kratom is the best!
I was prescribed APAP/Hydrocodone for Crohn's disease pain and diarrhea. It basically gave me so much more freedom because of the usually unwanted side effect of constipation which stopped the diarrhea and not to mention, it also stopped the pain.

Well I did some research for a safer alternative and found Kratum and it has had the same benefits for me. I take it as a medicine only and I really hope it isn't banned. I would be devastated.
To have a substance legally available which is enjoyable and has health benefits goes against big pharma, and undermines many of the damaging drugs psych wards are prescribing under the guise of treatment.

Still legal, but for how long? especially if usage increases.

Making drugs illegal allows for social control, this is not possible if the drug is legal. Governments gain much power through drug laws, allowing them to keep people repressed (especially the lower classes and most vulnerable)

As with most decisions made by governments the justification for an action (eg banning a substance), usually under some form of 'moral' code or for 'personal wellbeing of the masses' has no basis on actual decision, it is just presented in a way that it is accepted by the most people.

If the government or DEA etc used the true justification for its actions, it would lose its power very quickly, as the so called moral code which it suposedly has will reveal itself as nothing more than social control through opression.

The world is built in a way where these false truths are accepted through some flaw in logic which lives within the majority of people and is exploited by governments and organisations.

I found Kratom 3 years ago while trying to get off pills (oxy,percs,hydro) due to an injury and it saved my life. The pharma pills out there are made to get you hooked, period! In days of using Kratom wanting the pills was not an issue and even today if I might take a pill with a script I'm not hitting the streets trying to buy more when they run out. The feeling the pharma pills gave you at one time is gone while you are using Kratom and to me that is priceless. Research Kratom and design a pill form and it would be a life changer for millions on this planet.
Thanks for the post about information of Kratom.
In my personal opinion the so called war on kratom is ridiculous. It's 100% fueled by the explosive growth of synthetic marijuana, bath salts and other unregulated designer drugs. The main difference between kratom and these items is that kratom is 100% natural and has been used for 1,000's of years. From my understanding there is an addiction potential and it does effect the opiate receptors in your brain, but in no way the same sense as pharmaceutical produced opiates. I don't believe there is an overdose potential either. I recently picked some up from http://www.phoria.com and have used it for some mild pain and for the general stress relief. In my book it's on the same level as coffee or St Johns Wort which are all 100% legal and should be.
Whoever said buprenorphine was designed just for this, youre a freakin moron! Neither Suboxone or Subutex are worth a crap and theyre both so over priced that most can't afford it and by the time those who are alrdy in methadone maintenance who are alrdy at the poverty line do scrounge up the $400.00+/month supply only 2 discover the garbage half *ss works welp by then its alrdy too late theyre broke and now not only screwed because they spent every dime they had on a professed miracle cure that wasnt worth a crap they now no longer have the cash to return to the methadone maintenance program and hence half to suffer their *sses off, but its ppl like u who dont ever have to walk a day n those miserable peoples shoes to understand what theyre going thru so because now flat broke and because all the cheaper cures are now prohibited that said opiate deoendent patient whos now broke now has to resort to going out and robbing someone just to keep from being sick. When all that couldve been avoided and prevented said robbery had an all natural herbal thats fairly cheap like Kratom had only been around instead! Yet its ppl like u who favor prohibition and raise Americas crime and robbery rates but could care less!
I don't get what the issue is, I take kratom (maeng da) occasionally and would describe the effects as codeine-like, do I think it's harmful? Not as much as booze or smoking cigarettes, its only really common for people who go to head-shops regularly and are already recreational users of mind-altering substances natural and not. Kratom has been around a long time and side-effects HAVE been documented, but not researched I think; people just need better information on this legal herb so they know how to take it responsibly... such as any potentiators or counter indications? None that you can find, other than people complaining of nausea, puking, +/- interactions with nicotine and others.
Alkaloid which acts with opiate receptors... but what about my liver? any enzymatic interactions/ degradations?

Come on biomedical personel; start some research, because the ethnos are saying its a good alternative to opiates ()I agree.
My bf and I recently kicked h and at first were using suboxone in order to defeat the crushing depression that takes over after most other w/d symptoms are gone. The suboxone was too expensive, as neither of us has the means to get it legally, and just as addictive as the h and only prolonged our w/d symptoms.

After almost two weeks of both of us lying in bed completely depressed, unable to get and stay warm, lethargic, sick to our stomach's and noses running, I started searching online for herbal alternatives to suboxone or herbal supplements that would help us. We were all ready taking several other supplements for energy and depression including fish oil, vitamin D, B complex, Sam-e, St. Johns Wart, and several other vitamins and herbs.

I stumbled across three Chinese herbal mixes that are currently being studied and have shown to have promise in both easing w/d symptoms and even so far as repairing the area of the brain that is damaged when someone abuses opiates. None of these are available in the US nor can any of them be ordered and I searched for quite some time. So sadly I went back to my search for a Suboxone alternative and found Kratom. I called my local head shop Mary Janes House of Glass and yes they carried Kratom.

We still waited about a week to go in and get it because I was still hoping I'd find the Chinese herbs but I searched high and low especially for the one that healed the brain called U'finer with no luck. I called a local (Portland) Chinese Herb Store that had been reviewed by many and was said to have just about every and any Chinese herb you could want or need and asked them.... no luck. The clerk said that, while all three of the herbal concoctions Tai-Kang-Ning, WEINICOM (Xuan Xia Qudu Jiaonang), and U'finer have been studied and are currently being used in Chinese Drug Treatment Centers, they have not been able to find a source to get it to their store here in America. He went on to say that he's had several requests for it and so he is continuing to look for a source but that he thinks the problem is that the herbs are some sort of patented formula in the Chinese medical industry and that for what ever reason they are possibly banned for use in America but that he would keep trying.

So finally my mom took me down the street to get some Kratom and I walked in their sweating profusely from the dt's and told the clerk what I was looking for. He started to sell me capsules as I was telling him that my bf and I had kicked about a 1/2 g of h habit a day and I had read that kratom helps. Another clerk over heard the whole thing and rushed over to say that no capsules are not what I would need and proceeded to selling me a few different bags of powdered Kratom and told me just to split the small bags with my bf dumping said powder into a glass of water and drinking it down as fast as possible.

Four days later and we've been using about 7 to 8 grams of Kratom twice a day but someday's only once and we are finally feeling like our old selves prior to picking up our nasty little h habit. We luckily were only addicted to the nasty stuff for about seven months but it was seven months to long.

Needless to say I'm glad I came across this article and I hope that Kratom does not become illegal because all though it might be addicting it doesn't get us high but it does help us get our butts out of bed, stopped the excruciating cold chills and runny noses, and most of all helps with the crushing depression a lot.

Of course anytime there is a natural alternative to prescriptions the government will find a way to ban said alternative and if they fail they will create huge amounts of media hype that attempts to disprove any benefits that the alternative does provide. I figure that this is the reason that I couldn't get a hold of any of the Chinese herbs since WEINICOM has been proven to be more effective yet less addictive than Suboxone and of course U'Finer has been proven to actually repair the area of the brain that is damaged by opiate use. Big Pharmaceutical's have their hands way to deep in our governments pockets and this article definitely proves that. For now we'll be using Kratom and hopefully it will remain legal but I can't wait for the day when people finally take a stand and stop the government from controlling what we choose to use too keep us well especially without research or any proof that the substance in question has harmful effects.
Does anyone ever take the time to read the package it comes in? It states that you CANNOT take it with any other substance whatsoever.
the study that references that single(i refuse to count to diagnosed person who a co-morbid but independent mental illness ) case of psychosis i read while back if remember correctly the patient was also a heavy user of alcohol which is know to cause a dementia like condition after years of abuse further the i have travel though may poor and oppressed regents of the world and spent time with homeless population is the states uk i one observation i can the poor and addicted tend to use what available methol to opium i once saw heroin use fedaled water from a an abanded public toilet (boiled it on the spoon first)without any hesitation any my point being data from case study from skid row because its impossible to insure that 'insert drug of research ' is the only factor 2ndly if any body really look at the history right or rough (hard drugs like heroin cocaine meth alcohol there i said it should be illegal )drugs have never been banned for truth case in point in the years just before cocaine became illegal in the a trend among Africa American dock workers began to come about they begain drinking cocaine in coke-cola like a coffee plus to work more hours becouse they need to work 2x as the avage white worker just to to earn the same ingnorence lead to fear that the black man had found aloop hole in the machine of system wide oppression that police officerss"began to report coked up black become immune to bullets and are compled to rape white women" but yet no cop could ever be located that had first had experience even the effect of bathsalts on the homeless man moment before he at at mans face whete hyped up several news reported that "witnesses saw him swing from lamp posts like a guerilla " dispite never really proudicing a witness iinterview besides i dont think a man that strung out and that psychotic would have the dextary to scale 30 foot pole i dont know many healthy people who could my 2cents complete agree other then the us seem to be loosening it fear over mild drugs thus bottem line kratom false in with mary jane in the danger catagory
I feel as if our words dont mean nothing to the feds . I thought we had rights in this coutry, but I guess not, we have no rights anymore , almost as if marshal law is in effect. Kratom has changed my life , it keeps me working and keeps my head right with all lifes stressers, it shoud be marketed for people over 18 and taxed so uncle sam gets a cut
Happy is the man (or woman) who walks without crutches.
I was a hardcore alcoholic 3 years ago. I got a DUI and totally turned my life upside down, as if alcohol had not already done that. anyway for anybody who has had a DUI you know it costs you about 20K in my state anyway and a lot of rehab classes ect. anyway, I quit drinking that very day I got the DUI and had already occasionally used kratom to kill my desire to drink as well as break some depression spells. I use Kratom now daily but only enough to keep me from desiring to drink and it has helped me stop my Alcoholism and I have not had a single panic attack in the 3 years since I started taking Kratom and quit drinking. I also do not use my anxiety medication EVER anymore as I do not need it now. No more Zanex. This may not be the answer for everyone but it has saved my marriage and changed my life.
I have been using kratom extracts for 7 years. They helped me wake up to war in the sky! (Chemtrails vs Sylphs) Also the fluoride war, and microwave towers(aka cell towers.I'm healthier than ever ,my business is going great!BTW simple orgonite can change your life! Get involved and help earth and yourself live in paradise!Anyone ever see: 'They LIve'? We are all being mind controlled and kratom helps yo see through this!DEA is as corrupt as they come along with EVERY POLITICIAN!Educate yourself!
have used it 4 times to ease the double whammy of alcohol withdrawal and hangover. last batch seemed weak. does little for twitches but makes the day bearable, and the NMDA antagonist plus mu(?) receptor agonist may prevent the brain damage from benzo/alco withdrawal (dxm is also good that way)
Hi to all Kratom users, I am not sure if it is legal to post other webpages here. Anyway, I am also a user of Kratom for various reasons, just very modestly amount once a day (3 grams) and together with coffee does the trick for me to be effective in daily life. I do have my own source/plantation and can offer you all free samples as well as Kratom for wholesaleprices (including free tracable shipping). I hereby invite you to enter www.Whitestrain.com and order a free sample.
this is a very interesting herb. hate DEA interference; got to do Ecstacy in mid-80's while still legal. BUT the problem with Kratom: (and i see NOTHING about this on the web!)
teens are using this to get high, some every day, for days, weeks, months in a row.
it appears to be a great alternative to western medicine's drugs, for those in pain or wanting to get off certain other things.
but this is NOT for 15-18 yr olds to play with, thinking "it's natural, and legal! why not?" certainly not EVERY DAY, or before/during tests.

i see this right now with an 18 yr old. it's now obvious this has been a problem for a long time, like most of the last 2+ yrs. seems to make his blood pressure sink, and he already has this condition in his family. not ok to take it in between GED tests (last wk) and then throw up during the test and on the bus.
ALL things in moderation! where is info about this kind of use??

how is it there are so bloody many pronunciations of "kratom" anyway??
I agree about it is not good to use it to get high too often, maybe maximal once a week or every second week as you would do with alcohol/cannabis. However in small amounts like 2 grams a day i not see any other problem if it used in the same way as coffee. My productivity has increased after starting this habit...but never get "high" on it just energetic...The author of this article from the Forbes magazine state the same thing: http://www.forbes.com/sites/daviddisalvo…
I was taking prescription meds for pain for 11 years. Eventually it got worse, especially when life threw me a curve ball... I was out of control, a single mom trying to raise an 9 year old girl...I hated the person I'd become. I went on methadone to try and kick my pill habit and it helped some but then of course you get addicted to the methadone. And still depressed. I tried Kratom and am so thankful that I did. Now I don't take anything, and finally feel normal again. I hope for the sake of those in similar situations, that they do not make Kratom illegal to get.
One drug to replace another...... Take a walk in the woods, drink water, get away from traffic and the city. There is no miracle drug to make life easier. A person has to make it on his own..
Of course big pharma wants this Kratom leaf banned, its competition for them. Below is how they operate especially with the psychiatric drugs. See step 8 in the big pharma business plan below.

1. Patent a dangerous chemical as a "treatment" for (condition goes here).
2. Invent fictitious trial results that prove the drug is effective in treating (condition goes here).
3. Bribe FDA officials into approving the drug as safe for everyone! (Even if it kills people.)
4. Submit to the American Psychiatric Association for inclusion in their DSM-IV (the standard reference guide of psychiatric disorders).
5. Create an emotional TV ad that shows unhappy, confused people being transformed into perfect beings after they take your drug.
6. Issue press releases to mainstream media outlets who will run your propaganda as news with zero skepticism.
7. Bribe doctors with vacations, extravagant meals and "consulting fees" in order to get them to prescribe your drug to as many patients as possible.
8. Buy off politicians and legislators to block alternative medicine and enforce a pharmaceutical monopoly.
9. Sit back and rake in the dough** while Americans go broke buying your synthetic drug to treat the condition !
10. When the lawsuits roll in from the families of dead patients, simply use a small portion of your windfall profits to settle out of court, admitting no guilt.
I have taken kratom semi-regularly over the past 3+ years, and i am a huge advocate for its medicinal potential. I have found kratom to provide a safer, less addictive, more efficacious alternative to corporate pharmaceuticals used to treat a variety of conditions including anxiety, insomnia, depression, and chronic pain. Kratom also has amazingly LOW abuse potential in my personal opinion. This is because taking more then your effective dose does not provide a corresponding increase in the likeability of its effects such as in drugs of abuse. Overdose results in nothing more than unpleasantry, extreme itchyness, projectile vomiting, and illumination to the fact that kratom is only pleasant in relatively small doses. After long-term high-dosage kratom use, I experience only a minor case of the sniffles as withdrawal upon abrupt cessation. These ignorant clowns making unfounded claims about this valuable, benign, and versatile resource make me cringe. This article is a real breath of fresh air. It's nice to read an article on kratom written by someone who has either experienced it or done some research to support their claims. kratom 4 life.

I enjoyed reading your article and have posted some updated information at http://kratomonline.org/kratom-ban/ should you be interested in learning more about FDA actions on Kratom.
Don't forget Kratom was originally banned in Thailand NOT because of the effects of the drug but because there was a huge Opium tax down there at the time and it was KEEPING PEOPLE OFF OPIUM. It was about money not ethics. Now the race is on to ban Kratom because once again it is keeping people OFF of Pharmaceutical Opiates. See the trend here?
I use Kratom for Rheumatoid Arthritis and a muscular disorder that causes spasms that make me scream. Due to the recent crack down, again, on hydrocodone, my doctor cannot prescribe it to me any more. I had to make an appointment at a Pain Mgt. Specialist, that is upcoming. I cannot take Non-Steroidals- which include: Aspirn, Advil, Aleexe and almost all Anti-Inflamatories- I blew out 2 ulcers in my stomach and almost died from blood loss- hospitalized for 3 nights to recover. They jus tried a different one when they killed the hydro, and my stomach blew open in a week. My blood and organ tests will NOT support the use of most RA Drugs. NOW, lets stop being ridiculous. No one that is not mixing kratom with other drugs has died- they did NOT die from the Kratom, and in my research, I cannot find ONE case of death by Kratom. There are states that are now passing laws for recreational use of pot as well as medical. Kratom is not NEARLY as strong as pot- not even close. It give s you and automatic gag reflex, so NO one takes that much. If someone is shooting it and mixing it, outlawing it will not help them. They are ADDICTED. They will turn to other substances. Alcohol and cigarettes are FAR more dangerous. More people die of IB Profin in ER's and NO deaths for Kratom! People die from abusing MANY drug store purchases. Go out law all of that. people die from car exhaust, go outlaw all the cars. Prosecute drug abusers, not people like me. You won't let me have scripts, or certainly not enough, now I have this, which IS not dangerous, you have NO deaths at all on your hands, there is NO addiction to it, and you want that too. Easy for you, if you needed pain relief you would be treated beyond the law. Stop making laws I have to live under that you have NO intention of living under. Everyone- keep posting and e-mail you senators and congress reps to stop this ridiculous legislation.
Visit http://www.HIGHPOWEREDKRATOM.com
I'm not against using a kratom medicinally for physical or psychological disorders. Anything can be abused! Including food. But if possible the best to be not dependent on anything else but the Creator God. However, I understand fallen world we need medicine. I want to say though if you're really seek God he can give you the solutions for all kind of diseases including psychological problems he can even give you euphoria joy and relaxation ( just wat watch " drunk in the Holy spirit" ) God is the solution but you have to pray and seek him and not give up. He will cure anything from pain the cancer.... and give you BLISS beyond your wildest . imagination just check the videos on YouTube by doing a search of drunk and the Holy Spirit btw I love seattle..a lot of Loving! People.
Kratom has rescued me from a life of heroin addiction and needle use. I thank Jesus everyday for this miracle of an herb and would not be clean today with a quality life without it. I don't know what I would do if it was banned. It keeps me clean and normal. It eased 70% of my withdrawal symptoms which was enough to give me a fighting chance to clean up my act. I now take it once a day to keep heroin cravings at bay. I thank my God everyday that I can be completely functional and not have to be on synthetic suboxone or methadone. This plant has turned my life around and the thought of this wonderful herb being banned brings me to tears. My life without kratom is a life of destruction and needle use. Please continue to fight to keep this plant legal. It has literally saved my life.
my name is algy, I come from Indonesia .. I was one of kratom sellers in Indonesia. I hope to get a lot of friends on this site. if anyone interested to ask about kratom or kratom-made me want to try, I called your can through email: algy.kratom @ yahoo.com.sg. Greetings.
Awesome to see the 2nd comment!! I am an ibogain advocate, former addict and now kratom user for my add. My bipolar is managed ever since my ibogaine treatment! But Kratom also helps with post withdrawl syndrome that I did get because I was one of the first methadone patients detoxed off ibogaine. I went from 145mg to 0 my last dose was Monday morning and Monday at 7pm u received my ibogaine and haven't looked back. Around week 3 I started getting wd type symptoms. Not all were necessarily wd tho. I found Kratom and a lot of research and add symptoms are very similar. Since when I go into wd I always sneeze and I was not this time I truly believe it was probably my add playing tricks on me. Any who after my first dose of kratom I felt great. I probably didn't take as much as other people and haven't needed it everyday. But if I start feeling my symptoms come on boom I take 4G of maeng da and they are gone. If I start getting depressed for no damn reason (another symptom of add) I take it and I can take care of my family. I feel it's my duty to let people who suffer know there is a way out! If u r addicted I think ibogaine is the answer and kratom can carry u IF u need it. My situation was far more dire than most and I am the happiest I've ever been in my life. I've seen ibogaine give life to the near death! Don't feel u are alone! I only know my story but have read others about kratom and they sound similar to mine. Don't abuse this drug people who can't afford or chose not to go on highly addictive methamphetamine need this!
Been ordering from http://www.kratomunderground.com/ and it's solved all my pain, previously I was taking vicodin daily for years and just knew it wasn't good for me, so I turned to Kratom and it is fantastic. I am even able to skip days entirely without needing to take anything. It's been a life saver we really need to stop kratom from being banned as the pharma companies are trying their best to get rid of the competition.
Right, the kratom can be alternative use for medicines because it could be use in treating depression, anxiety, fatigue, chronic pain, migraines and many more. The only greatest risk in using a kratom is falling asleep while engaged in hazardous activities. For me, its just a matter of knowing how to take it properly.
I had a skin disease called Nummular Dermatitis, which causes a nasty rash and intense itching. Partial relief came from using triamcinolone acetonide, as prescribed by my dermatologist. My father also likely had the same condition, was also prescribed a topical ointment, and only wound up cured of the disease once he retired. The disease, as anyone who has done research can attest, is caused by stress and has a hereditary element.

I ordered Kratom from an online supplier a few month's ago. After a few applications of powder and water, the disease disappeared completely. So now, once I start slightly feeling that itch starting, around five days to a week, I take around 5 grams of Borneo Green -- symptoms end for another several days.

I wonder if anyone else has had similar results. Sure would hate to see Kratom made illegal, for obvious reasons.
So once again, nature has a ready made remedy while we toil away in labs trying random combinations of things to see what happens, hoping to get lucky. Pretty amazing planet, Earth.
Keep it up, keep killing our kids. I've experienced what it can do to some first hand.
its about the money.a pain patient is worth more as a withdrawing addict.and a productive pain med patient [working and person with a normal life]is worth not much at all so they have to take their pain meds away.first off they push anti depresants on you as a pain med.you beleive them and take it or suffer.once on the suicide drugs, you loose your mind and go crazy.$$$$$$now your in counsling and they get paid$$$$.and sell you more ssri drugs$$$$$ because you are in pain and now more suicidal and still withdrawing$$$.desprate for help you end up in detox where they get to sell you more drugs to make you need more drugs that make you crazy $$$$$ . detox is worth 20 thousand easy from the state$$$$.it never works so they know they are garantied 2 or three planed relapses $$$$.still in pain you get desprate and hit the streets to the drug dealers that care more then your doctor .[for the right price].this is perfect because by then they know who you are and where to find you.they know you will be in pain because they documented your pain and knew its a sure thing because they took your medication from you.easy pickins.they just wait til you look like your not in pain anymore or when you finaly are able to find work and a somewhat normal life and boom.your into a prvite ,run for profit jail$$$, being forced to take more phyco drugs to keep you insain and perfect for more state funded"help"$$$$ drugs they know can only make you sick like the last time they did it to you.if at any point you say you might kill yourself because you cant stand the pain and insanity[and you will],you get locked up $$$$.can't make any money on a dead guy any more than you can make any money off a perfectly health person that takes care of themself without wasting the states money.and people cant understand why we spend so much on medicare.when a doctor sees me .giant dollar signs appear over his head and a little drool start to drip from the side of their mouth.all they see is money.how can we make the most money off this guys pain and suffering? when you do end up in nthe ER because you got tired of being the cash cow and a way for dr.ug dealers to suck money from our government ,because you said you will or had tried to kill yourself ,they will test your blood for weed ,but not for ANY drug KNOWN TO MAKE PEOPLE GO CRAZY AND KILL THEMSELVES OR OTHERS.NO MONEY IN THAT$$$$.WEED COUNSLEING THOUGH.$$$MO MONEY MO MONEY MO MONEY.get a weed script to help you do less of their expensive body and mind killing drugs and they will use your pain to punish you.how dare you not pay that doctor to"help"you?you will then suffer bad.like i now do...ALL of your pain meds will be taken at once.cold turkey .that will teach you to make healthy choices.if you get well without a doctor cashing in AND/OR make them loose future more on drug sales ,you will be made sick.oh you smoke pot?oh you need this special drug[prozac under a different name] to "help"you.oh no help help he's crazy and swearing at everyone.oh it had to be the pot he smoked legally.pot head pot head.screw dr. confidentiality lets call ever other doctor and put that in his file.that will teach him.
The use of any herb/botanical for health purpose is a human right.

All herbs are legal to use for health purpose, no matter what the law says.

If injustice is the rule then resistance is a right and duty.
The use of any herb/botanical for health purpose is a human right.

All herbs are legal to use for health purpose, no matter what the law says.

If injustice is the rule then resistance is a right and duty.
The use of any herb/botanical for health purpose is a human right.
All herbs are legal to use for health purpose, no matter what the law says.
If injustice is the rule then resistance is a right and duty.
I have kratom powder in bulk if you want to buy 65 USD / kgs. purchase in large quantities the price drops. Our email contact kratom.borneo@yahoo.com
Anyone looking to purchase any high quality kratom add kosmikk.com to your browser they have discounts on a weekly bases on selected kratom.
I have had spine surgery and replacement of 5 out of 7 disc in my neck (cervical Spine). I still have two disc in my lower lumbar area that require surgical replacement. I have lived with back pain, inflamation of the joints, asthma, gastroparesis symptoms of the intestinal track, since I was 15 years old, I am 55 years old now. Now including Hypertension, high cholestrol, enlarged Prostate (BPH)Chronic sinusitus and headaches. I was taking 26 different medications a day some two times a day. I have been to pain management doctors back and forth for pills, steroid injections and every other experiment they could conjour up to make your life miserable addicted to drugs along with lets add kidney and liver loss of functioning. Less than three month ago I had enough and came to some logical reasoning (they where killing me, and breaking my bank pretty @#@@ fast). I am now down to 9 pills a day one time a day and looking to reduce that to half (some nessary). A long story short - Kratom has been a savior to me. I can function better, sleep better, concentrate better, my pain has been alleavated, I have a meaningful relationship with my spouse and children again, I can enjoy life a lot better than ever before. It is amazing how somethings can help some maybe not everyone. I wish I had known of this product/herb years ago and kept my health as good.
Mita Science endeavors to provide access to the highest quality research materials available today. By developing sustainable relationships with custom synthesis laboratories across the globe, they have established an online headquarters for the academic research community http://www.mitrascience.com/
I'm soooo sick of the war on drugs. Kratom is about as harmless as they come.

Throughout the past decade, there have been many changes in our world. Now, at the molecular level, we are finally beginning to witness the emergence of entirely new chemical structures as we diligently struggle to discover the exciting new applications they have to offer. That is a world were education and professionalism reign supreme. Been ordering kratom leaves from http://www.mitrascience.com/ and it's solved all my pain
This article is stupid.

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