Ms. Pak-Man, photographed at Re-bar, in costume as the lead character (who else?) in Ms. Pak-Man: Bonus Stage! Kelly O

First, a question for Ms. Pak-Man: Strategy-wise, do you go for the fruit or stick to the pills?

I've always had a strong preference for pills. A constant, gnawing, insatiable preference. Unless of course I'm watching my figure, then I'll go for the fruit with a little cottage cheese.

Now one for Scott: On reflection, how are you feeling about the gold-face-paint part of this character's conception?

For starters, it's really hard to get off. I seem to find streaks of yellow on most of my clothes and household surfaces. Artistically, however, it's essential. This character is not a human being, and we are, however ridiculously, trying to visually represent the original inspiration.

Was the "K" in Ms. Pak-Man an aesthetic choice or a legal one?

My attorney has advised me not to answer that question. =) recommended