The Broken Hearts Club
dir. Greg Berlanti
Opens Fri Oct 13 at Harvard Exit.

LET'S BE FRANK: This film is so profoundly awful that it inadvertently succeeds in performing the tremendous social service of euthanizing the subgenre of the once-viable "gay film." God, it's bad.

I will waste your time by telling you that the film is about a group of gay men in L.A. looking for meaning in their lives. I will further bore you with the details that the protagonist is an "artist," and that the Broken Hearts Club is the name of the men's all-gay softball team, and that every character is a stereotype: the Ecstasy-snorting party boy, the fresh-from-the-closet "newbie," the macho sex addict, the ugly fag. But I can write no more. This film simply doesn't deserve it.

However, a restaurant that I visited after the film does deserve my--and your--attention. I stopped by Le Fournil on my way back from hell, looking to wash the taste of shit out of my mouth, and let me tell you, dear readers, this place is heaven. Tucked into the new building just south of the University Bridge, this great French bakery is easy to miss. But, simply put, it is the best pâtisserie in the city. Croissants, tarts, éclairs, quiches--delicious stuff!

The lunch specials are the best deal around. Six bucks gets you a choice of the day's quiche or a sandwich (Camembert, pâté with cornichons, ham or turkey and cheese, or tuna), a single or double latte, and a pastry for dessert. I had the tuna sandwich, and it was fantastic--very light on the mayo, with a sweet note of herbs that sends it soaring, all cradled in a perfect baguette. I ate it happily, though perhaps a bit too fast, as I was looking forward to the mille feuille pastry I had selected for dessert. A light vanilla custard layered between crackling, sweet leaves of pastry, this is one of the many triumphs of Le Fournil. Our city is a better place for having it.