You either love Crispin Glover, or think he's a total fruitcake. The former George McFly/Layne in River's Edge/Rubin Farr, kicker of David Letterman generally incites this sort of reaction. He most recently appeared in Willard and in Charlie's Angels as the "Thin Man," claiming to use this mainstream Hollywood money to fund his REAL baby, the What Is It? film trilogy. What Is It? is the first in a series; the other two, It Is Fine. Everything Is Fine! and It Is Mine, are currently in postproduction. All three films feature actors who are afflicted with either Down's syndrome or cerebral palsy.

I saw a work-in-progress version of What Is It? eight years ago and it is still ABSOLUTELY the most uncompromising and original thing I've seen. People try to compare it to the likes of surrealist hero Luis Buñuel and trailblazer Werner Herzog, but I say Glover has transcended even them. Though the film is sure to be slammed for its total lack of narrative, and definitely critiqued for its taboo imagery (um, Shirley Temple in a Nazi uniform? Cult author Adam Parfrey running around in blackface? A couple, both with Down's syndrome, wearing makeup and feverishly making out?), it's one of the most haunting and unforgettable films ever made. And because Glover refuses to sell it to a distributor or release it on DVD, this is probably the only chance you'll ever get to see it.

Glover attends each and every screening—and seriously, you've never seen a director Q&A like this. If the after-movie debate is anything like last time, you'll leave the theater completely IN AWE OF or completely DISGUSTED WITH this man named Crispin Hellion Glover. Probably both.

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