The next time you catch Mike Judge's Office Space on TV (note: it's probably on TBS right now), look past the pieces of flair and the staplers and the Gary Cole—difficult, I know—to see what really makes it tick: namely, its sense of downright Swiftian outrage. Extract, the director's first movie since 2006's unfairly maligned Idiocracy, scores on a number of small fronts—nobody can nail the desperate ambience of a backyard kegger or muted-pastel break room quite like Judge—but lacks that core of real, exasperated indignation that gave his previous films such a charge. Even accounting for a plot that hinges on major testicular damage, it feels pretty toothless.

Set, for a change, outside of Texas, Judge's script centers on a sexually frustrated, retirement-eyed small-business owner (Jason Bateman, continuing to refine his Arrested Development deadpan thing) whose life is thrown higgly-piggly when an employee suffers the aforementioned gonad-related injury while on the job. Gene Simmons shows up for a cameo as a bloodthirsty lawyer, as does his hair.

Judge has always had a thing for actors, and he outdoes himself here, with Bateman getting some masterful support from the likes of J. K. Simmons, Kristen Wiig, and especially Ben Affleck, whose turn as a dopey bartender further hints at his potential to be a Baldwin-level character actor. Problems arise with the story, as various plot developments drift lazily through the air without any real connective tissue. The shambling, foam-tipped results are far from hard to watch—Bateman's approximately 12-stage reaction to a monster bong hit is probably worth a matinee by itself—but the movie never quite manages to distinguish itself from, say, a late-season episode of King of the Hill. Here's hoping that Judge gets steamed about something soon.