Regarding Kelly Oโ€™s earlier post about Freaky Floridian Vampire Politician Guy: The location may have changed, but politically speaking, this isn't the first time he's been up to โ€ฆ bat. (Sorry.) The documentary Impaler is available on Netflix Instant, and is well worth viewing.

What I had to say, back when it came to town as part of the โ€™07 STIFF Festival:

And then there's the fairly astonishing Impaler, a documentary about Jonathon Sharkey, the self-professed Satanic vampire who recently ran for the governorship of Minnesota on a platform of love, fairness, and ramming spikes through criminals. Displaying an admirable lack of personal safety, director Tray White captures segments both unexpectedly tender (Sharkey's wife's dentures prohibit her from solo blood-sucking, resulting in some rather urpy joint feeding sessions) and scarily fascinating. The final scene in which the star, just released from prison, kicks back in a room crammed to the rafters with cigars, knives, guns, and Jim Beam feels like a true anything-can-happen moment.

Frankly, this could be the Pat Paulsen of our times.