Last night, at the inaugural 20/20 Awards at Central Cinema—"correcting the Academy Awards with 20 years of hindsight"—Drugstore Cowboy finally got its due. (As did other films that went criminally under-represented at the 1990 Oscars: Do the Right Thing; Say Anything; The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover, etc.)

It won best adapted screenplay and David Schmader presented the award with a heartwarming tale of junkie-made-good: James Fogle, who lived the story then got clean and wrote the novel that became the screenplay. (And good on Gus Van Sant for recognizing the novel's potential before it was even published.)

But it looks like Fogle is back in the pharmacy-robbery game:

Now the Centralia police say the 73-year-old burglar is back in action knocking off stores again.

Detective Carl Buster tells Washington's Most Wanted Host David Rose they believe Fogle was part of a brazen heist at Hall's Pharmacy in January of 2009.

"They locked themselves in the bathroom of the adjacent grocery store and basically took a saw and sawed their way through — and came out in the pharmacy," Buster said.

IMDb says Fogle is working on a sequel to Drugstore Cowboy—and, apparently, trying to live through some more material.

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