wonderful movie, sadly they stopped making great movies like this generations ago. Too too bad
Thoroughly enjoyed this last night!
One of my favorite classic films. Very dark, especially for the time.
Okay, how much longer do we have to put up with this Nadia person? I could have gotten this movie synopsis off the imdb, fer crissakes.

I've enjoyed these reports from other people - people who are able to offer insights and their individual impressions of the various "Stranger suggests" - but Nadia manages to telegraph her impatience and boredom with almost every post. Enough already!
This "review" reminds me of every grade school book report I wrote after not having read the book.
I like that she described Max as an "enabler".

Oh dear.
@4 uh, these have always been for a month, so you have one week to go.
@ 7 - My question was rhetorical, but thanks for the info.

Seems like Nadia may be checking out of her Suggested duties a week early. Yesterday's was only one paragraph and today's just a synopsis of the film. I know it's a volunteer gig and it seems to be burning people out by the last week, but if you're gonna take on the challenge, you should be willing to stick to it through the end.
Maybe she's grumpy because the Stranger staffers appear to be turning on her (Jen Graves, whoever-the-hell-on-LineOut).
@9, 10: If it's burnout/grumpiness, she should just quit turning anything in. Saying, "okay, you guys don't like my writing, and I'm tired. See ya!" is better than phoning it in.

If something is worth doing and all.

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