Nadia Abdelrhman is a Stranger reader who vowed to do everything The Stranger suggests for the entire month of March. Her reports appear daily on Slog and Line Out. —Eds.

My second-to-last night of Suggests was a Q&A with Paul Verhoeven about his new book Jesus of Nazareth at Elliott Bay—on the final night at the bookstore's historic Pioneer Square location. Jesus of Nazareth is the product of Verhoeven's 20-year association with the Jesus Seminar, a gathering of theologians who investigate the historical veracity of Jesus Christ.

The opening scene from Verhoeven's potential film about Jesus was discussed, in which Mary is raped by a Roman soldier. Verhoeven later described Jesus as a talented genius, akin to an Einstein or Mozart, but not the son of God. Finally, when asked what his religion is, he said science. It was wonderfully refreshing to listen to the intelligent dialogue. Suggests approved.