"LISTEN. THIS IS AN ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP." That's exactly what I wanted to yell at the woman in Greenberg. God, I hated that movie.
And this, coming from the vampire on that one weird episode of Buck Rogers....
@1 Greenberg is great. They don't really have an abusive relationship because they never actually date, they just bang a few times. He's a dick to everyone.
geez, what the fuck are you doing Michel Gondry?? Good god man, wake up.
GAGS seem to sum it up in a nutshell.
@4... i had no clue this was directed by gondry. i have to agree this is a huge step down for him, and his artistic integrity. but i guess you gotta submit to mainstream revenue generators every so often to keep the money flowing. you go from "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" and "the science of sleep"... to "the green hornet"... ouch. let's keep the faith regarding his next flick.
@6 you forgot the poop nugget that is "Be Kind Rewind"

the man need to reunite with Charlie Kaufman like whoa.

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