If you’ve ever seen an Adam Sandler movie, you already know the plot: Guy meets girl. Guy lies or somehow blows it with girl. Guy gets girl in the end. Except in Just Go With It, there’s a twist! Unfortunately, it’s one you saw coming 10 minutes in (if it even took that long). But let’s talk about the humor, because obviously no one watches an Adam Sandler movie for the plot. Example humor: “Hey, what are you doing? That bridge can only support one person!” Everyone runs for the other end of the bridge and then Sandler bonks his nuts on one of the planks. In another scene, a goofy-looking redheaded kid head-butts Sandler in the nuts. POOR ADAM SANDLER’S NUTS! There is some mildly entertaining relationship humor, and then there are Sandler’s love interest’s breasts (Brooklyn Decker, this woman was not hired for her acting).

At the screening, the bridge scene—the one you’ve likely seen in the previews—drew by far the most laughter from the audience. Many people attend these screenings simply because IT’S A FREE MOVIE!!! Years ago when I attended a screening like this, the promo people had some sort of air bazooka that shot promotional T-shirts into the crowd, and people scrambled frantically for each one. Because IT’S A FREE T-SHIRT!!! If you are one of these people, then I heartily endorse Just Go With It. If you are not one of these people, then you’re probably not still reading this review. Jennifer Aniston is the film’s only redeeming quality, and if you scoff at the preceding clause, go watch The Good Girl and then talk to me. recommended