Buck Angel is a fascinating guy—pioneering porn star and a charismatic spokesperson for trans men—and documentary filmmaker Dan Hunt is working on a film about him:

For the past 6 years, we’ve followed Buck struggling to create a new genre in the adult industry and working as an advocate and educator who is passionate about health, body image, and basic human rights. We’ve also documented his relationship with his wife, Elayne, and their life together with their seven dogs in the Yucatan. From home, the film follows the couple on trips to the transgender health summit, to Philly to conduct body image workshops, to Yale University for a safe sex presentation, and to the Porn Oscars in Las Vegas. Not completely aware of their child’s notoriety are Bill and Patty, Buck's parents. It has taken them decades to come to terms with losing their daughter and gaining a ‘Buck.’ They agreed to let us film a moving reunion with Buck at his sister’s home. It is a powerful moment that reveals Buck’s early history, his struggles with drug addiction and suicide attempts; and speaks volumes about acceptance and unconditional love. It has been an amazing journey documenting Buck's colorful and complex life.

Hunt needs to raise 6K by July 10. They've already raised a little more than 2K. More info—and info about donating—here.