Third grader Judy Moody is really bummed when her plans for "the most super-duper double-rare summer vacation ever!" are thwarted by her best friend's alternative summer plans. Best friend Rocky is going to circus camp (is that really a thing?) and other friend Amy is headed to Borneo with her mom to save a lost tribe (insert fart noise here). If that weren't enough, Judy's parents announce that they are going to California to take care of a sick grandparent and Judy's Aunt Opal will be coming to stay. Of course, Aunt Opal (Heather Graham) turns out to be beautiful and artsy and tons of fun, and Judy embarks on a mission to earn "fun points" with her little brother, Stink, and friend Frank.

Unfortunately, each endeavor from Judy's "fun chart" ends in disaster. While attempting to walk the tightrope, Judy falls in the river. While riding a rollercoaster, Frank throws up on Judy's face. And so on. Then, for some reason, the movie shifts its focus to the hunt for bigfoot. And then there is an hour of searching for bigfoot and talking about bigfoot. And suddenly bigfoot comes running down the street and hops in an ice cream truck and there's a car chase. And guess what! It's not really bigfoot, it's a kid dressed up as bigfoot in an effort to drum up business for the ice cream truck! When Judy discovers that her teacher is the driver of the ice cream truck, he rewards her with tickets to the circus. Judy goes to the circus and finds that Rocky is the star of the show. Rocky saws her in half, and all is right with the world.

Based on the best-selling book series by Megan McDonald, this movie is for people 2 to 6 years old, and should probably not be seen by adults without brain injuries. recommended