Founded in 1947, Japan's Shintoho studio made its name as the home of the internationally revered auteurs Akira Kurosawa and YasujirOzu. But in 1955, the studio changed hands and switched its focus from cinematic art to trashy genre pictures, and this week, Northwest Film Forum pays tribute to Shintoho's highly influential B-grade product with the series Shintoho Schlock: Girls, Guns & Ghosts. On the roster are three double features linked by common themes, including "Sold Into Prostitution," "Busting Out of Bars," and "Tainted Love Rises from the Dead." For full info, see

Meanwhile, over at the Grand Illusion, the Seattle Erotic Art Festival presents its first-ever film showcases. Among the four programs in three days are Cheyenne Picardo's feature film Remedy; an international short-film showcase (featuring everything from a silent Spanish film to a 2012 Hump! award winner to a documentary about a German dominatrix); and not one but two programs from noted PDX cineast Dennis Nyback: Stag Party Special (compiling five classic stag films from 1910 to 1950) and Ooh La La! A History of Lingerie!, a collection of short films from the early days of cinema involving ladies undressing. For full info, see recommended

Shintoho Schlock: Girls, Guns & Ghosts runs Aug 2–9 at Northwest Film Forum; for full info see The Seattle Erotic Art Festival's Erotic Film Showcases run Aug 2–4 at Grand Illusion; for full info, see DAVID SCHMADER