Into a world of film festivals that are crapshoots of quality comes Cinerama's Big Screen 70MM Film Festival, which is packed with nothing but beloved classics, all shown in 70 mm on Cinerama's state-of-the-art screen. On the roster of this already-in-motion-and-continuing-for-the-next-two-weeks fest are war epics (Patton, Lawrence of Arabia, Spartacus), full-immersion visual trips (Baraka, 2001: A Space Odyssey), and musicals about Nazi-foiling nuns (The Sound of Music). Top of the heap: Vertigo, Alfred Hitchcock's ever-more-esteemed mindfuck that recently knocked Citizen Kane from the top of Sight & Sound's list of the best films ever made. recommended

The Big Screen 70MM Film Festival continues at Cinerama through Sept 29. For full schedule, see