Copresented by Three Dollar Bill Cinema and Northwest Film Forum, Coming Out All Over: Queer Film Style is the three-week film series curated by Seattle artist and costume designer Mark Mitchell, who'll screen and hold forth on a trio of films he loves for their colossally queer fashion achievements. On the roster:

SALOME (June 12)

What: Silent film classic from 1922, featuring a script from Oscar Wilde and the great, fortysomething Alla Nazimova as the nymphet with a hankering for the head of John the Baptist.

Why Mark Mitchell loves it: "The set designs and costumes by Natacha Rambova are heavily inspired by the work of Aubrey Beardsley, but brought beautifully into luxurious, three-dimensional life," Mitchell tells me. "It's a stunning film throughout, in blackest black and silvery whites."

Recommended drug pairing: "Weed is perfect for this film."


What: The notoriously awful 1970 film adaptation of Gore Vidal's landmark novel about a big-brained trans woman out to revolutionize American culture, here played by Raquel Welch.

Why Mark Mitchell loves it: "Theadora Van Runkle's costumes for Raquel Welch are classic Hollywood on steroids. Raquel looks stunning start to finish. She's one of the great beauties of all time ('all time' being mid-1970s to the present). Less appealing but just as fascinating is Mae West, costumed by Edith Head, looking a bit dusty and singing Otis Redding's 'Hard to Handle,' which truly is hard to handle."

Recommended drug pairing: "Hallucinogens."


What: Intoxicatingly campy 1980 cinema adaptation of a sci-fi comic strip.

Why Mark Mitchell loves it: "My community college theater teacher recommended this film to me when it came out. I've always loved it. I was a mere lad, but I knew glorious design when I saw it. The film is a big, shiny bottle of poppers."

Recommended drug pairing: "Poppers." recommended

Coming Out All Over: Queer Film Style runs June 12–26 at Northwest Film Forum. For full info, see