Ijeoma Oluo thinks Racists Getting Fired is just a distraction.

Over here, you can read a Huffington Post interview of local writer and social justice activist Ijeoma Oluo (it concerns racist trolls). And on our website, you can read her wonderful, hilarious, and detailed review of Kevin Costner's new film Black or White. The key to Oluo's thinking is not, however, the deconstruction and delegitimization of popular forms of American racism, which is why she can handle racist trolls so coolly. She knows they are not the real problem. The real problem is, of course, deeper and structural. For her, the poor state of the public health system in this country, for example, has brought far, far more suffering to black Americans than all of the racist eruptions on social media combined. This is why she thinks exposing and getting racist trolls fired from their jobs is merely a distraction. It does nothing to address or change the system itself. Now, that's what's called real talk. You should follow Oluo on Twitter.