I gave this goofy horror-comedy an extra chance because, well, I’M TERRIFIED OF INSECTS WITH STINGERS. Wait, I take that back—I’m not afraid of the bug; I’m terrified of the sting. I’m the “special one” they LOVE to bite. Mosquitos annihilate my flesh at backyard barbecues, while others stand around confused by my wild failing and furious spraying of toxic sprays. I mean, I’ve even sprayed DEET right in my own face—eyeballs be damned! I once rushed to an emergency room with a summer sandal embedded deep inside my wildly swelling wasp-stung foot—so Stung, THE MOVIE, touched a nerve.

A darkly comedic story of giant wasps wreaking havoc on a rich old person’s backyard garden party, Stung would have been the perfect midnight B-movie to see at a drive-in theater. Its retro-classic creature-feature style is nicely part ridiculousness and part gore. A flying wasp as big as a Car2Go? SURE! Humans turned into seven-foot-tall insects that erupt from giant gestation-cocoons? WHY NOT?

There’s a scene early on where a cartoonishly horny woman at the party (also the butt of a “cougar” joke) takes a stinger as big as a baseball bat right in the eye, and another where an escaping human seemingly explodes inside their car.

A cameo by veteran actor Lance Henriksen (Aliens, Terminator, Millennium) sends Stung home, making it almost as memorable as other goofy giant creature movies like Ananconda, The Fly, and one of my favorites, 1972’s Night of the Lepus (read: giant mutant rabbits!). recommended