There is a shocking twist in M. Night Shyamalan's The Visit! "That it's good?" you ask? Hahahahaha... no. The Visit is terrible. "That it's funny?" you ask, giving at least some credit to the fallen-on-hard-times filmmaker, who once made great movies like 2000's Unbreakable. Bwahahahahaha... no. The Visit is not funny—at least, not on purpose. Spoiler: The shocking twist is that the best scene involves a teenage rapper getting adult-diaper gravy rubbed all over his face. Does this bit of (unintentional) comedic genius make the cringe-inducing The Visit worth seeing? Well, that depends (eh?) on your threshold for watching elders lose their shit.

Kathryn Hahn plays a mom who hasn't talked to her parents in 15 years, but still sends off her two teenagers to spend a wintry week at their farm in Pennsylvania. Nice parenting, Kathryn Hahn. Besides Nana's (Deanna Dunagan) unusual nighttime routine of running around on all fours, Becca (Olivia DeJonge) and Rappin' Tyler (Ed Oxenbould) are enjoying their first visit with the olds. But even considering aging's inevitable downward slide, their grandparents' behavior starts to get too peculiar to explain—what with Nana's naked forays into the hallway and Pop Pop mistaking the business end of his rifle for a Werther's.

It's painfully clear what Shyamalan is trying to accomplish with The Visit: Guys, it's a modern Grimm fairy tale! Shymalan doesn't think you'll get that, though, so watch for Nana tricking Becca into deep-cleaning the oven. Or Nana crawling around under a sheet with a big bad wolfy grin. Unfortunately, these two kids are so insufferable that you long for their gory murders. (Tyler deserves to be repeatedly slapped upside the head with a dump truck's worth of soiled undies—but he'd probably just rap about it.) Turns out a fairy tale doesn't really work when you're rooting for Hansel and Gretel's demise. recommended