I saw it at a recent indie film festival in my town. It's phenomenal. You laugh for the first 15 minutes-- competitive tickling? Really? And you're really pissed for the last 45. Totally worth a watch.
A podcast called The Dollop did an episode on it. The whole thing is super weird yet amazing. You can hear them in the trailer for a brief second. Worth a listen.…
The police had to be called during the screening in our town because there were several "spies" trying to film the movie on their phones for litigious purposes (all that makes sense once you see the movie). The director spoke afterwards and said that he was going to have to make a "Tickled 2" to cover all the things that had happened to him personally and legally since he finished filming the movie.
Holy shit. That does look amazing.
That is crazy shit. How very bizaar people can become.
One of the rare sorts of people from which we don't hear much.
Tickling always seems like a strange torture-during-which-you're-required-to-laugh, so I was reluctant to watch this. But it's not about the tickling, is it? Damn this looks so cool and weird.
Oh my goodness, this looks good.

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