If I had the money and a living space that allowed for it, I'd be seriously considering investing in this prop that was taken from the set of the original ('90s-era) Twins Peaks (not the freaky, stilted and soulless facsimile it's become; I can't get past the sixth episode even though I'm trying mighty hard to motivate due to feelings of Lynchian loyalty).

Anyway, a Seattle couple who are apparently friends with Stranger staffer Kim Selling have put their set piece of the lobby registration desk/mailboxes from the fictional Grand Northern Hotel up for sale.

Here's the description from the listing, which includes mentions of a few other available props for sale:

This auction is for an original prop/set piece from Twin Peaks- The Mail boxes/registration desk for the Great Northern Hotel. Many of you know that the exterior of this fabled hotel was actually the Salish Lodge in Snoqualmie, Washington. I purchased this item at the estate sale of Academy Award winning set decorator Patricia Norris in October 2015. It has been kept in a clean, warm environment since it left Patricia's Barn. I live in Seattle and the Auction was on Vashon Island. I also purchased a few other items of interest, one is also up for auction- the paper Canadian Goose from the roof of Ed's Tank Farm. This huge wooden prop has almost all of the original room numbers still on it- there are only a few missing but don't worry- Agent Cooper's room number is still present. This thing is big, so local pick up is mandatory. I will not crate or ship this in any way. It is currently at my bike shop in Seattle, Washington- come on in to see it!

Here's a current in-the-flesh (in-the-wood?) pic of it:


And here's the link to the listing if you want to see more pictures and potentially take the next steps in making it your own. If you don't need it for mail or other "official" business, and prefer to actually use it, but aren't sure what you'd use it for, it could also work as a great place for shoe storage, or as a handy knick-knack display case, or ... whatever. Use your imagination.