I got 99 problems, and being middle class aint one.
I got 99 problems, and being middle class ain't one. Amazon Films

Gillian Robespierre, writer-director of Obvious Child, "the first romantic comedy I can think of that centers around an abortion," reunites with SNL alum Jenny Slate in Landline, a serio-comic take on secrets and lies in Giuliani-era Manhattan.

Frustrated adman Alan (John Turturro) is keeping something from hypercritical wife Pat (Edie Falco); engaged daughter Dana (Slate) can't resist a man from her past; and teen sister Ali (Abby Quinn) is sneaking out to go clubbing. True, all of this sounds like normal middle-class problems, but Robespierre has a gift for embarrassingly salty dialogue, and Slate and Quinn are perfectly cast as sisters straining against the yoke of expectations. These two elements come together to make a very satisfying movie experience.