Candance Bergen aka Murphy Brown
Candance Bergen aka Murphy Brown Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Praise ye, oh fickle Content Lords, who have taketh so much from us (Difficult People, One Mississippi), and yet bring us this news from above: Murphy Brown is BACK!

From the Hollywood Reporter:

The landmark sitcom, from Diane English and starring Candice Bergen, was an Emmy darling and a cultural touchstone for its then-uncommon portrayal of a single working mother. The Warner Bros. produced series has gotten a 13-episode straight to series order and will include Bergen reprising her role. English is returning as well, serving as writer and executive producer through her Bend in the Road Productions shingle.

The order for more Murphy Brown, just shy of the 30th anniversary of its 1988 premiere, comes as networks and streamers have looked to their past catalogs for programming that will make an impact in the increasingly fractured TV market. On the Big Four, the most notable revivals include similarly groundbreaking series as NBC's Will & Grace, ABC's upcoming Roseanne revisit and, perhaps to a lesser extent, Fox's The X-Files.

In the show's first edition, Murphy Brown was a recovering alcoholic, single mom, and television host at the fictional newsmagazine show FYI. She was a little cold, a little bitchy, strong as hell, and would likely be appalled at the current state of the media, where YouTube makeup tutorials get more eyeballs than war does. Everything old is new again, and while that might not always be a good thing (see: The X Files, fascism), this is one reboot we can get behind. Let's just hope they skip the laugh track this time around.