My god, its full of movie stars.
My god, it's full of movie stars.

I loathe the internet and nearly everyone who uses it for any purpose. Every so often, however, it turns up a flawless diamond like this unedited compilation of b-roll footage shot in 1979 by a Japanese TV crew visiting the offices of Stanley Kubrick during post-production of The Shining as part of their research into paranormal activity on the set of the film. The footage, produced and presented by Jun'ichi Yaoi, had been languishing on VHS in the incomparably vast archives of the late "UFOlogist" Wendelle C. Stevens, presumably for the last 38 years or so.

The footage below offers features incredible interviews with both Kubrick (whom Stranger Film Editor Charles Mudede once called "the most overrated director of the 20th century") and his brilliant daughter Vivian—who was in the midst of making her own (vg) documentary about the production (before the Scientologists got their nefarious meathooks on her)—that reveal more, almost offhand, about the late filmmaker's famously guarded authorial intentions than any other existing document... Times like these it's almost hard to stay mad at the internet, even if it did kill language, culture, and democracy.