Sick Pony by Emily Nachison, on display Nov. 9-April 14 at Bellevue Arts Museum
Cover image: Sick Pony by Emily Nachison, on display Nov. 9-April 14 at Bellevue Arts Museum

It's official: the fall 2018 edition of The Stranger's Art + Performance Quarterly is on the streets, with a breakdown of everything that's coming up between now and mid-December in Seattle and some intriguing reading to go with it. Here's a peek at what's inside:

As you are probably aware, it has become a lot easier to fall asleep at the movies. Are the gigantic luxury seats installed at megaplexes a good idea? An argument in the staff room becomes an argument on the page in the latest Let's Fight showdown, this one between Rich Smith and Christopher Frizzelle.

As the podcast My Favorite Murder comes to town for a live show, Katie Herzog wonders: Why are most fans of true crime women? Herzog interviews the podcast's diehards, plus a nonfan whose mother was murdered.

Leilani Polk has an infant daughter. Do you know how hard that makes going to the symphony? Seattle Symphony's Tiny Tots series is geared specifically for kids ages 0 to 5 (who get to "meet" the instruments) and their parents.

Seattle Opera is presenting Benjamin Britton's haunting adaptation of The Turn of the Screw, Henry James's famous ghost story. Charles Mudede uncovers the sexual trauma at the heart of the story that many of James's readers missed.

In Rebecca Brown's latest book, classic fairy tales are turned on their head. Humpty Dumpty is female, and the kid who cries wolf is a girl, not a boy. Rich Smith visits Brown in her studio to discuss Not Heaven, Somewhere Else.

A garment that was created by two artists who sent it back and forth to each other in the mail, adding and removing pieces, is currently on display at Bellevue Arts Museum. They are FEMAIL and they've made all kinds of work this way. Chase Burns gets to the bottom of how they do it.

And of course, you'll find our comprehensive fall art and performance calendars, a look at everything you want to know about that's happening this season—arts shows; concerts; comedy, theater and dance events; festivals of all varieties; book readings and talks; and film fests and screening events.

We've put together an entire map for the fall season. Go out and do something fun.