Long Shot: Not just another shitty dude-bro comedy.
Long Shot: Not just another shitty dude-bro comedy. Philippe Bossé

When I started to see ads for the new comedy Long Shot, starring Seth Rogen as a man in a romantic relationship with Charlize Theron, I had doubts. Because, like: Him? With her? So it's Knocked Up again, but with an even more out-of-his-league woman? No. Please. Not only does it make no sense (she would never!) it’s a terrible message to send—again!—to the lazy Seth Rogen wannabes of America, with their cargo pants and weed and neckbeards. How dare they?

HOWEVER: This movie fucking rules!

Thankfully, Long Shot isn't another addition to the mid-2000s family of comedies where dude-bros are nagged to death into loving beautiful women. It’s maybe... 10 percent that. The other 90 percent is a reverse Pretty Woman, including lots of making out, amazing outfits, and yes, Rosette.

Rogen is fully competent as a funny schlub, and Theron destroys as a secretary of state and presidential hopeful, and the two of them together are—I know, this is weird—charming as hell, and their relationship totally works. While the film’s final act gets a bit schmaltzy (it's way more rom than com), the overall experience is wonderful. I’ll never question a neckbeard’s value ever again.