Me, for the first 70 minutes of Brittany Runs a Marathon: “This is some fat-shamey nonsense and I hate it.”

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When Brittany (Jillian Bell in a freakin’ fat suit) visits a doctor in hopes of scoring Adderall, she instead gets a lecture on her weight—despite the doctor knowing nothing else about her health, and even though in 2019 we all know telling a fat person to “just lose weight” is not effective and will likely lead to a negative impact on their health.

But anyway, Brittany decides to get her life together by losing weight and training for a marathon. There are a lot of scenes of her stepping on a scale and celebrating, which were bad for my brain.

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But then: Me, for the last part of the movie: “She’s putting the scale away! Okay, this movie mayyyyyybe gets it.”

I’m happy this wasn’t actually a feature-length film about how losing weight can change your life (vomit), because once she's out of the problematic prosthetics, Bell is hilarious. There are plenty of enjoyable things in this movie, but I can't recommend it to anyone who's struggled with disordered eating. recommended

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