It's official: The world loves HUMP!—America's sweetest homemade-porn film festival, where entrants make short dirty movies for the chance to win impressive cash prizes! And now, the freaky minds behind HUMP! (and SPLIFF, our cannabis-themed film festival) have a brand-new and terrifyingly fun contest we know you're going to love: SLAY—a film festival for fans of horror!

SLAY is a great opportunity for amateur filmmakers (like you) to stretch their artistic muscles and make an eight-minute-or-less spine-tingling movie that can earn big, BIG money. And like HUMP!, the possibilities are endless! SLAY films can be legitimately horrifying and gory, spooky and unsettling, campy and funny, political/science-fiction/dystopian-themed, animated, sexy, sweet, old-timey, new-timey... YOU NAME IT!

We know reality is scarier than fiction right now, so go on—put your darkest fears on film. From classic ghost stories and slasher films, to dystopian cults and political nightmares, we want to see you SLAY!

Plus: To earn extra-credit points, you'll want to add one or more of the following special props to your film to let audiences know your movie was made specifically for SLAY:

• Velvet painting

• Corkscrew

• Bathrobe

All SLAY submissions are due August 28, and SLAY! will share a portion of all ticket revenue with filmmakers who make it into the festival. SLAY! will debut in Portland and Seattle in October 2020 (either online or in theaters depending on what's safer at the time)!

You're interested, right? Get all the info you need and more at

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So what are you waiting for? Sharpen up your chain saw, polish your fangs, and fill your buckets full of blood—and get ready to have a horrifying good time with...

SLAY—the new and terrifyingly spooooky shorts film festival! Brought to you by your "fiends" at The Stranger and the Portland Mercury.