In the beginning... there was porn. And some of it was pretty awesome! But a lot of it, you know, wasn't. Mainstream porn can be problematic in all sorts of ways—most notably that 90 percent of dirty movies are made for white dudes by white dudes. And why is there primarily only one body type (skinny and hairless)? And are any of the actors having fun? I mean, for real?

These are the kinds of porn problems that inspired beloved sex columnist Dan Savage to create the HUMP! Film Festival—an annual celebration of amateur dirty movies that are for the people, by the people!

HUMP! invites folks to submit five-minute mini porn flicks written, directed, shot, and—in a lot of cases—performed by these sex-positive amateur auteurs. The filmmakers are encouraged to express themselves sexually in whatever way they see fit—so instead of seeing the same, staid heteronormative clips you'll find on the internet, HUMP! is a virtual rainbow of diverse (AND HOT) sexuality!

You'll see straight sex, sure... but you'll also see every possible combination of sexualities, body types, ages, colors, genders, kinks, fetishes, and even animation. Oh, and here's something you won't find very often on Pornhub: FUN. These films are often hilarious, hot, sincere, vulnerable, and heartfelt—made by people who actually know and, very often, love each other. And what's sexier than that? THIS is what HUMP! is all about. Now, do you have any questions?

Yes, as a matter of fact I do! How do HUMP! films get chosen?

I love your inquisitiveness. Here's how it works: Sexy people (like you) make their five-minute films and submit them to the HUMP! jury, which spends days narrowing down the delightfully filthy submissions to the 21 entries you'll see this year at the HUMP! festival. Our aim is to choose a true variety of flicks that recognize the diversity of sexuality while making sure the show is as entertaining as all get-out!

Besides having their junk ogled by strangers, do HUMP! participants receive any other reward?

You bet they do! At the end of all screenings, HUMP! audiences cast a secret ballot to decide which films receive hefty cash prizes, which are as follows: The "Best Humor" submission receives a $2,000 prize ($1,000 runner-up), the "Best Sex" flick gets a $2,000 prize ($1,000 runner-up), "Best Kink" wins $2,000 ($1,000 runner-up), there's a special "Jury Award" that wins $1,000, and the "Best in Show" submission goes home with a whopping $10,000! HOLY CRAP! Why aren't you making a film for HUMP! right now?

Actually, I’d love to make a movie for a future HUMP!—but I don’t want my junk to get on the internet! My church group might see it!

Your concerns are valid—but unfounded! Every single HUMP! submission is fiercely guarded and protected to ensure that your sexy movie is NEVER seen outside of the HUMP! festival. We want you to be a hot porn star for the weekend—not the rest of your life. So don’t worry! The self-righteous eyes of your church group will never be sullied by graven images of your swollen junk. Unless, of course, your congregation shows up at HUMP!

Will watching amateur porn in a theater make me feel gross?

If you mean "grossly entertained," then absolutely YES. Picture this: A theater packed full of diverse, sex-positive people hooting, hollering, and having the time of their lives. They'll be laughing, squealing, and occasionally peeking at the screen through their fingers. But seeing HUMP! with this type of crowd is a fun, unforgettable, and liberating experience.

Will I see things that might make me uncomfortable?

Mmmm... maybe? If you tend to watch a certain type of porn, then HUMP! could push the edges of your comfort zone. BUT THAT IS SUCH A GOOD THING! Seeing how other people do it can educate and make you more accepting of other people's differences. And you may discover something about yourself in the process... like getting excited about something that has never piqued your interest before... and possibly deciding to explore that something later on in the privacy of your own genitals. So keep an open mind, already!

Okay fine—but will I see something I will never be able to unsee?

Oh, absolutely and with 100 percent certainty! Every year, HUMP! features at least one film that makes the audience squeal and squirm in their seats—and that's half the fun! You'll see something that you would never, ever do in a bajillion gazillion lifetimes—and yet? This is the submission everyone will be talking about, possibly for years to come. Do you really want to miss out on that? Trust me: You'll watch it, you'll squeal, it'll be over in less than five minutes, and it'll be fine. And (eventually) you won't even regret it.

I'm convinced! HUMP! is the amateur porn festival for me. But what can I expect to see at HUMP! 2019?

Another great question! Below are descriptions of all the films you'll see at HUMP! this year, submitted by the directors themselves! Check 'em out, get your tickets at, AND HURRY! Shows will definitely sell out! HUMP! shows November 6–24 at On the Boards.



Inhibitions are burned to dust while a hedonistic group lusts around the fire.


A hypnotizing peek into the intimate boudoir of two lovers in the throes of a skilled and sensuous rope scene.


Horny Pizza orders Hungry Boy. In an alternate reality where pizzas order delivery, we find out what their favorite pies are and how they like them topped.


In the midst of darkness, this couple finds illumination by embracing their neon fantasies.


A lonely traveler takes us to a rubber convention, where we see the wildest and most creative toys that will make you want to slap and tickle.


Gimps, piss, and boots, oh my! This animated tale illustrates the sights, sounds, and… smells of a leather bar.


When the kitten collar comes out, so do the sacred oils and earthly delights in this cunnilingual ceremony.


Reality is blurred in this surreal tryst between two eerily similar guys.


A fellowship of friends learns what it takes to seduce a witch in their D&D party. Perfect for every bard, wizard, and paladin.


A night out dancing at the club quickly turns into a super-hot three-way in the back room.


Treat yourself to this luxurious bedtime interview about sexual and gender identity. Oh, and the thrills of men in nothing but boots.


Get the squeegee, because things are about to get wet in this steamy shower threesome.


One woman’s answer to this inquiry leads to an extreme kink scene involving a masked dom equipped with chains and a whip.


An amuse-bouche of all things creamy, sticky, and sweet.


Put your keys in the bowl, because this group of friends has the best appetizer on the menu at their swinging dinner party.


After making it through the pain of infertility and miscarriage and finally becoming a parent, a woman goes on a mission of exploration and discovery to recover what she has lost.


When a debaucherous basement party becomes a bore, a man is ready to try something different upstairs. Will you find what you’re looking for down the rabbit hole?


When a group of friends decides to film an orgy in a Vegas hotel room, an unexpected participant slips into the mix.


Freshly-fucked foodies get a special pancake delivery. A new recipe that will make you look at pancakes… differently.


Mountains! Bondage! Flash paper! Puppets! Paint! A couple attempts to reproduce every HUMP! trope in five minutes.


A deranged and macabre circus duo contort themselves into bizarre positions in this vaudevillian stop-motion short. recommended