I'm obsessed with the Olympic Village, the makeshift town-within-a-town where athletes live while competing in the Olympics. Rebuilt for each Olympics, the sprawling village is like a college campus for the world's most fit people. It contains condos, arcades, lounges, and—most importantly—condoms. Lots of condoms, because there's a lot of sex happening at the Olympics.

In 2012, Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte estimated that "70 percent to 75 percent of Olympians" fuck while competing. The recent PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games set a record for giving out 110,000 condoms to athletes. That's roughly 37 condoms per athlete. 37. The number fucks with my head.

Olympic Dreams, a new film starring and written by Big Mouth's Nick Kroll and Olympic runner Alexi Pappas, got unprecedented access to shoot inside PyeongChang's Olympic Village. While the film is not exactly about wild orgies—it's a run-of-the-mill rom-com—the vibe remains horny. Someone in the background definitely has a pocket full of 37 condoms.

Kroll is fine in his semi-dramatic turn as a romantically forlorn volunteer dentist, but Pappas is remarkable. She elicits a surprisingly tender performance. I got the feeling that if Pappas was given a meatier script, she'd really, uh, run with it. Her scenes with Olympic athlete Gus Kenworthy are particularly sweet.

But the reason to see the film is its setting. There are few locations as strange and utopian as the Olympics, a place with architecture designed to project our highest aspirations. While Olympic Dreams' script isn't receiving any awards, its setting gets the gold.