Have you guys ever had those nights where you stick around some probably horrible people because you're already kinda drunk and there might be fun drugs coming and if nothing else this could make for a good story? Now imagine doing that in your mid-30s, at your kid's first playdate in a new town. Welcome to The Overnight.

Alex (Adam Scott) and Emily (Taylor Schilling) are two white people who, along with their kid, have recently moved from Seattle to Los Angeles. Their kid meets another kid at a park, whose father is Kurt (Jason Schwartzman), a white man in a large hat who declares himself "basically the mayor of the neighborhood."

Jason Schwartzman invites his new pals over for dinner with his family. Despite Jason Schwartzman obviously being fucking awful, the starved-for-friends Alex and Emily accept, and arrive to Kurt's mansion to meet him and his wife, Charlotte (Judith Godrèche). They eat pizza, get drunk, put the kids to bed, and then things get weird.

You may ask yourself: "Why should I spend 90 minutes and $10 watching four white people decide whether or not to fuck each other?" And to that, I respond: "I don't know, because they're attractive? And the characters are awful, but possibly fun, maybe in the right circumstances, so just go with it?" Are they really swingers? Maybe. Do you want to find out? You know you do.

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Besides, Scott and Schilling are wonderful to watch, and perfect guides to the land of wealthy hipster eccentricity. (That isn't a place anybody should ever want to visit—but once you're there, it's annoyingly hard to look away.)

So while you might think you have no interest in watching a group of white people whose struggles seem limited to dick size, butt stuff, and determining who hates their marriage the most, I'm still gonna recommend you experiment with The Overnight. It's not always fun, but it does make for a memorable evening. recommended