Whether you're stumbling out of a show at the Crocodile or in search of something to soak up that extra tequila shot you didn't mean to order at one of the many dive bars along Second Avenue, Rocco's is a must-visit for a slice of pizza or full pie before heading home after a late night. The pizza is greasy in the best way and served a zillion ways, including traditional cheese or pepperoni, or more adventurous options like the Tikka, Tikka, Tikka pizza with curry yogurt, house marinated chicken, and mint chutney, or the bahn mi pizza with pulled pork, mozzarella, sriracha, and cilantro. KARA TIERNAN

Dick's Drive-In

If you haven't been to Dick's after a late night, can you really call yourself a Seattleite? Long before Macklemore was singing from the rooftop, Dick's has always been a staple and trusted late-night spot for the masses. It checks all the right boxes—cheap, local, and consistently satisfying. Come here for the Deluxe burger, with two ground-beef patties and bubbly grilled cheese, and stay for the hand-dipped shakes. Dick's is open until 2 am (and often a little later), so there's really no excuse not to swing by after a late night. KARA TIERNAN

R&M Dessert Bar

To sate an after-dark yen for sugar and booze, look no further than R&M, a one-stop confection shop where you can order a slice of something sweet and a glass of something sparkly to sip with it. The sleek bar is a labor of love for couple Rod Gambassi and Marc Adams (the eponymous "R" and "M"), the chefs and owners. Popular dishes include the chocolate truffle cake, a cross between a molten lava cake and a soufflé, and the key-lime tartlet, a tangy custard filling encased in buttery pastry crust. Best of all, it's open late to accommodate urgent cravings. JULIANNE BELL

Dynasty Room / East Trading Company

Oasis Tea Zone and Eastern Cafe owner I-Miun Liu and former Ba Bar manager Michael Chu teamed up to create a long-term pop-up craft cocktail bar called the Dynasty Room. The menu features several craft cocktails (try the Petal Pusher) and bites, like popcorn chicken (a favorite borrowed from Oasis), Liu's mom's comfort-food recipe for cold peanut noodles tangled with egg, carrots, cucumber, and Spam, and hearty protein-packed rice bowls. Over on Capitol Hill, Liu and Chu partnered again to open the Chinese-zodiac-inspired East Trading Company, which features a spinning zodiac wheel and a gift shop with sundries like lime-flavored Lays chips and wasabi peas. The late-night happy hour (10 pm–close) includes items like $7 Crown Royal shots with a "kimchi back" chaser; $4 fancy instant Shin ramen dressed up with egg, green onions, and fish cakes; and $4 crispy shiitake mushrooms. JULIANNE BELL


This dark, swanky, 24-hour restaurant wouldn't be out of place as the setting for a boozy business lunch or a clandestine meeting on Mad Men. It's the perfect spot to order a Monte Cristo sandwich or a Dungeness crab melt long after everywhere else has closed. Slide into one of the sleek padded leather booths, or sink into one of the cushy high-backed leather chairs at the counter and watch the chefs at work in the open kitchen. 255 S King St, 206-682-2513; 24 hours daily. JULIANNE BELL

Beth's Cafe

Located along seedy Aurora Avenue and papered wall-to-wall with the scribbled crayon drawings of stoned adults, Beth's Cafe is an enduring 24-hour greasy-spoon temple made for those liminal hours after a late show or party, when you want to linger in a delighted, intoxicated haze with your friends over a plate of all-you-can-eat hash browns. Beth's is famous for its tremendous 12-egg omelets, which have been ballyhooed by the likes of Man v. Food and come out on a massive metal platter. (There's no prize for finishing the whole thing other than a sense of personal accomplishment.) I have a special place in my heart for the massive "Six-Fiddy Shake," a chocolate and peanut butter milkshake that comes crowned with an entire house-made brownie and always elicits gasps at the table. JULIANNE BELL

Ba Bar

Ba Bar is your go-to restaurant for consistently fantastic Vietnamese food in Seattle—and you can have it morning, noon, night, and late, late night. They now have three locations (Capitol Hill, South Lake Union, and University District), though the original on Capitol Hill stays open the latest. You can get pho served several ways, inventive bowls of vermicelli noodles with pork belly, or Washington Coast–caught rockfish, among others. Come here for specialties like bánh cuôn—handmade rice sheets with Carlton Farms pork belly served Hà Nôi or Sái Gón style—and linger for the late-night happy hour and craft cocktails like the Nguyen Dynasty, a gin drink with rhubarb syrup, fresh-squeezed lemon juice, and extra bubbly. KARA TIERNAN

North Star Diner

With glittery vinyl-upholstered booths and astronomy-themed decor, this hip, turquoise-accented Greenwood diner, which had a previous life as a Chinese restaurant and once hosted Anthony Bourdain, claims to have the best buttermilk pancakes in the city. Their fresh take on diner fare includes a root vegetable hash with confit Yukon Gold potatoes, hangover-curing chilaquiles and "quesas-migas" (a quesadilla-migas hybrid), and eggs Benedict with corned beef, as well as the usual suspects like burgers and milkshakes. If you're looking to grab a drink and belt out power ballads, the Shanghai Room bar has karaoke and serves the full menu. JULIANNE BELL

Toulouse Petit

This Cajun-Creole restaurant and lounge has an extensive late-night (10 pm–midnight) happy hour menu, touting "more than 50 exquisite preparations between $5 and $11." Plenty of what you find on that menu is delicious, from the crispy fried "corned" pork cheeks confit, to buttermilk fried chicken bites, to Cajun meatloaf sliders, to a cheese plate selection that changes regularly and is offered in portions of one or two. There is also plenty available outside the late-night happy hour fare, as well as an impressive selection of wine, beer, and cocktails (the Toulouse Hurricane and St. Charles Sangria are both respectable choices). Plus, the vibe is sexy and mysterious—the 250 candles placed on the walls all around the room fill the space with a dreamy, flickering orange glow. LEILANI POLK

Cafe Presse

Joanne Herron and Jim Drohman's unfussy, chic French bar-cafe serves its menu until 1 am daily for your late-night charcuterie cravings. Even better, there's a late-night happy hour from 11 pm until 1 am daily with discounts on menu items like croque madames, pork rillettes, and the incredible twice-fried frites. Finish the evening with a decadent chocolat chaud as thick and rich as a melted chocolate bar, accompanied by cloud-like whipped cream to spoon into between sips. JULIANNE BELL