Takoyaki stands are more common on the streets of Osaka than cheesesteaks in Philadelphia, but in Seattle, takoyaki stands are nonexistent. Fortunately, these delectable Japanese fritters—made from a special fried batter with bits of octopus inside and topped with barbecue sauce and fish flakes—can be found in a few restaurants in the International District. The best, and cheapest, of these is Maekawa Bar, where the takoyaki is cheap, filling, and totally—weirdly—wonderful. When the hot, golf ball–size balls reach your table, the bonito flakes on top flutter as though alive, and Maekawa executes the greatest component of the takoyaki—the contrast of the toothsome octopus and the softness of the fritter—very well. If you can make it out of Maekawa without ordering anything else besides a drink, you'll still have spent <10.