Region: Ballard.

Happy hours: Daily 3–7 pm.

Overheard bartender/customer dialogue topics: Memorable Halloween costumes of years gone by, such as a Minotaur (complete with hooves, medieval weaponry, and a headpiece embellished with horns and matted curls), or Tippi Hedren's character from Hitchcock's The Birds (featuring an abundance of synthetic fowl entangled in hair and affixed to clothing).

Happy-hour drink specials: $1 off all drinks, such as $3–$4 tap beer (Pilsner Urquell), $1.50–$2.50 bottles (Anchor Steam), $3.50–$5.75 glasses of wine, and variety-priced discount cocktails.

Happy-hour food specials: Mon–Fri $1 off all appetizers, such as $4.25 salmon quesadillas or $5.25 hot wings.