Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday, largely because of its mountains of mashed potatoes and rivers of giblet gravy, but also because of family. The holiday falls close my 92-year-old grandmother Lily's birthday, so Thanksgiving brings 50 or so relatives together for a long weekend of celebrating. Last Thanksgiving was spent traveling to Phoenix, Arizona, where there was a mesmerizing chocolate fondue fountain and a Wild West–themed party, but no turkey. This year, I'll spend Thanksgiving en route to Toronto for the Hawaiian-themed 93rd birthday bash. Pork will be present, cranberry sauce and stuffing will not.

As much as I miss the holiday's traditional spread, Thanksgiving is really about gathering with loved ones and eating a giant meal, whether it's turkey or Tofurky, dim sum or curry. If you're a Seattleite still looking for a venue for your holiday gorge, here are a few local joints open and serving food on Thanksgiving. recommended

13 Coins

125 Boren Ave N, 682-2513.

Four-course turkey dinner, $19.95.


7314 Greenwood Ave N, 706-7703.

Four-course vegan or vegetarian dinner, $45.

Marrakesh Moroccan Restaurant

2334 Second Ave, 956-0500.

Mirch Masala

213 Broadway E, 709-0111.

New Kowloon Seafood Restaurant

900 S Jackson St, 223-7999.