Description: A swanky Belltown lounge, accented with upscale '70s-style furnishings.

Scene: In the early evening, a charming mix of unwinding businessmen and incoherent locals; by night, swarms of Belltown's gussied-up crowds.

Happy hour: Daily 5–8 pm.

Sex-soaked past: To promote the benefits of safe sex, a bowl filled with condoms once adorned the front seating area. Misreading the intended health-conscious message, lustful and presumably drunken clientele considered it an invitation. To the horror of Viceroy's staff, a number of impromptu sex sessions erupted in the glossy black restroom. The condom bowls have since been removed.

Happy-hour drink specials: $3 well drinks, $1 off liquor and beer.

Happy-hour food specials: $3 spiced mixed nuts, $4 olives, $9 cheese plate, more.