Region: Greenwood.

Decor: An homage to '80s flair, including black-and-white checkered floors, disorienting accent mirrors, and, in the dining room, gleaming rows of vanity lights.

Diversions: Delightfully greasy Chinese food (available until 1:30 am), nightly karaoke dramatics (9 pm–2 am), pull-tabs resting in countless bins, and for high-rolling mystics, psychic consultations and tarot readings (Mon, Thurs 6–9 pm, $25 buys a 15-minute session).

Happy hours: Mon–Fri 10 am–6 pm, Sat–Sun 10 am–4 pm.

Happy-hour drink specials: $2.50 well drinks, $2.75 juice drinks.

Other specials: $3 beverage of your choice (Tues–Thurs 4–8 pm), $2.50 Heineken and Coors Light bottles (Mon 9 pm–2 am), and various deals on Sunday's Industry Night, including half-priced appetizers (7 pm–2 am).