What brought you to Mr. Lu's?

I was working at Providence Hospice with Steven Tran when he opened this place up in January with his wife, My Dung. My was working alone here with a one-month-old baby, and I like them both so much that I quit to come work here and hang out with baby Henry all day.

So you traded the dying for burgers?

It wasn't much of a trade. I was working in the administrative office, and now I get to see different people all day who aren't all in the end-of-life stage. Plus, it's really nice working for people who treat you like family.

You've found your calling being a burger waitress at a family joint?

Not quite. I'm actually leaving in a few days to head south in search of the sun. Maybe to New Mexico, maybe back to school. I love it here, but it's time for something new.

What will you miss most about your job?

Definitely the spicy blackened salmon burger, or their garden burger, or the prawns... It's all really good. I'm not a big burger person, but all their burgers are really popular. I've kind of OD'd on the onion rings, so I won't be missing those much. Yeah, I'd have to say the spicy blackened salmon burger, and Henry. That's what I'll miss most about this place.