When did you first know in your heart that you wanted to be a hostess at a Seattle Mexican paddle club?

My dad actually started the restaurant in the late '90s with his partner, so that's how I got the job—although they just sold the business. They both love Mexico, and take lots of trips down there, so the menu's pretty authentic. They're also big on using sustainable produce and fish. I don't paddle much, but I lived in a houseboat for a while.

What, aside from family, has kept you here for three years?

Well, I now know how to serve, bus, run the house, do dishes... it's all pretty valuable experience. I can get a job virtually anywhere now, in any city. Aside from that, I really like my coworkers, and the food.

Speaking of food, what's good here?

The bacalao tacos, which are coconut-beer-tempura-battered cod pieces with cabbage and a creamy avocado sauce, are amazing. If you eat meat, our carne tacos are also pretty good—they come with sautéed peppers, onions, and Cotija cheese. I also like the mangodilla—a tortilla stuffed with jack cheese, mango, poblano chilies, and scallions, and then grilled.

Do you often have to warn people about the dangers of drinking and then paddling?

That's the kayaking people's job. Plus, most people are smart enough to paddle first, then drink. I pity the person who does it in reverse.

I don't need your damn pity.