Sandwich assembler at Honey Hole
703 E Pike St, 709-1399.

I'm sorry, I'm completely distracted by all the great crap on the walls behind you. I especially like the three-dimensional portrait above your head of a Latino man playing guitar.

My favorite is the picture of John Cleese.

Why do you place Mr. Cleese above all other wall art?

I'm just a big fan of Monty Python, I guess. Always have been.

Where do you get all your delicious ingredients?

We get 'em from Oregon, all the way to Seattle.

How much gasoline do you think it took to create my sandwich?

Probably a lot, but no one seems to drive to the restaurant, so it evens itself out.

How long have you been making food here?

I've been at Honey Hole for a year and a half. Before this, I spent six years at Linda's; before that, I spent 10 years serving coffee, everywhere from South Carolina to Hawaii. I wanted to see as much of America as I could, since I didn't have a passport.

Are you an illegal alien?

No, I just waited a while to get a passport. Now that I have one, I'm leaving for France and never coming back.

When did you make that decision?

Last year, when I met my girlfriend and I realized what the election was going to be like.

So you don't want a black man to lead our country?

No, it's just so obvious that McCain is going to win, we have no control. I'll be rooting for Obama, but I'm not going to vote because I know he won't win.

Voting is a privilege. You and France deserve each other.