Location: Downtown in the Paramount Hotel.

Decor: Bright windows, festive paper dragons, a decidedly awkward floor plan (marked by a cramping of table-lined aisles).

Namesake: The dragonfish is a monster of the deep sea recognized for its glowing chin ornament (all the better to seduce its prey with) and jagged rows of teeth (all the better to haunt your nightmares with).

Happy hours: Tues–Sun 4–6 pm and 10 pm–1 am, Mon 4 pm–close.

Happy-hour drink specials: $2.95 sake and cocktail specials (such as the sake drop—with silver sake, lemonade, and grenadine), $2.95 draft beer (Kirin, Laughing Buddha), $3.95 house red and white wine.

Happy-hour food specials: Discounted sushi and small plates ranging from $1.95 (miso soup, spicy crab half roll) to $4.95 (caramel ginger chicken). recommended