Description: A sprawling Wallingford dive bar and eatery beloved for its Chinese fare.

Decor: Charming hand-painted murals, chocolate brown color schemes that evoke a 1970s feel, and odd-yet-effective wall arrangements of artfully layered corkboard panels.

Namesake 101: Rituals at the original Temple of the Moon in ancient China involved bloody animal sacrifices, enrobed emperors, and the solemn tolling of nearby bells.

Modern-day scene: Pointedly lacking in ceremonial bloodshed, with a row of aging men peacefully watching basketball at the bar on a Friday afternoon.

Happy hours: Mon–Fri 4–6 pm.

Happy-hour drink specials: Shockingly stiff $2.50 wells.

Happy-hour food specials: None, but with those thrillingly cheap drink specials, menu prices—sweet and sour chicken for $7.95, Mongolian beef for $8.75—seem reasonable. recommended