Description: Simultaneously upscale and low-key, Sonya's comprises a windowy front lounge and a deep, dark back bar.

Location: Belltown, where Sonya's rests quietly next to the most haunted building in Seattle.

About that: Once upon a time, the unoccupied space immediately adjacent to Sonya's was a mortuary, and according to lore, it's still swirling with paranormal activity—ghostly figures, dissolving walls, etc.

Good news for the skittish: The closest thing Sonya's has experienced to paranormal spillover is a single incident from 2007, when a bottle is said to have supernaturally launched itself from a counter to the floor.

Happy hours: Mon–Fri 3–6 pm.

Happy-hour drink specials: $1 off all alcohol drinks.

Happy-hour food specials: Selections from a $2.99–$5.99 menu (including sweet-potato fries and a barbecue pork sandwich).