Description: A cozy, sweet lounge and creperie on Capitol Hill.

Decor: Gorgeous chandeliers, painted brick walls, Toulouse-Lautrec reprints.

A quick bio of Toulouse-Lautrec: His legs were deformed, he was a tragic alcoholic, and he painted the women of the Moulin Rouge.

His signature drink, which is not served at 611 Supreme: The Earthquake, a heavyweight cocktail of his invention, consisting of equal parts absinthe and cognac. (He was so enamored of absinthe, it's said his walking cane was hollow and filled with it.)

Happy hours: Sun–Thurs 4–6 pm (food and drink specials), Sun 11 pm–1 am (drink specials only).

Happy-hour drink specials: $4 select wine, $3 wells, $3 drafts (Bitburger, Maritime Pale), $5 specialty cocktails (the Pearadactyl contains pear brandy and Chartreuse).

Happy-hour food specials: All crepes half off! ($4.50 le saumon-chevre, which features smoked salmon, scallions, and goat cheese; $3 crepes suzette). recommended