Location: An elegant eatery and lounge in Belltown.

Decor: On display in the Jelly Bar, a tank of jellyfish casually launching themselves through the murky green water.

Complicated upkeep requirements: Long's previous jellyfish neglected their own eating habits, so today's batch is force-fed shrimp paste via a baster injection, resulting in a jarringly intimate feeding ritual that is probably just as awkward and embarrassing for the jellyfish as it is for the administrator.

Happy hours: Sun–Thurs 4–6 pm and 10 pm–midnight, Fri–Sat 4–6 pm and 11 pm–2 am.

Happy-hour drink specials: Any drink mixed with Stoli, Jack Daniel's, or Bacardi is $4.

Happy-hour food specials, available with drink purchase: A wonderfully long and diverse menu, including the fish-mousse crispy rice ($4.50) and the banana-blossom salad with soft-shell crab ($9.50). recommended