Location: Downtown, in the Pike Place Market.

Description: A swanky Italian joint beautified by accent lights the color of marinara.

Paranormal happenings: Diners are rumored to have witnessed the ghost of a woman in a white dress who walks swiftly and vanishes into a wall.

More details: According to Mercedes Yaeger's Market Ghost Stories, the ghost's dress is "gathered at the neck with an open back" and "she has long hair that flows naturally." It's not difficult to imagine that she is beautiful.

Unexplained rules of the otherworld: Why are spirits spared all indignities? They dress well; they move with grace. When was the last time you heard of a ghost wearing a holiday sweater? Or doing workout videos in some stranger's living room?

Happy hours: Wine and food, daily 5–6:30 pm; food only, Sun–Thurs 10 pm–midnight and Fri–Sat 11 pm–1 am.

Happy-hour drink specials: $3 pinot grigio or primitivo, $5 chardonnay or cabernet.

Happy-hour food specials: A list of elegant and affordable goodies ($2.95 grilled Italian sausage crostini, $3.95 goat cheese ravioli). recommended