The 5 Point Cafe is: A Belltown dive bar, an all-night greasy spoon eatery, and a long-standing Seattle institution that recently celebrated its 80th anniversary with a day's worth of outrageous deals: To commemorate 1929, pints of PBR cost only 25 cents. Around 2,500 were served—that's more beer than all the babies in the world drink in an entire year!

What else: The 5 Point is also the unwitting host to a series of tragic celebrity run-ins, whose key players include...

Drew Barrymore: Accompanied by awkward boyfriend du jour (Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson), Barrymore was allegedly asked to leave because she was underage at the time.

Courtney Love: Why she was denied entry is unclear, but legend has it that Kurt Cobain left her to wait outside while he finished his drink.

Also occurring just outside, to radio talk-show host/misogynist butthole Tom Leykis: Some enraged listeners beat him up!

And now, a completely random insider factoid: Strippers, who represent a subsection of the 5 Point's multifaceted late-night dining crowd, can't get enough hot chocolate. According to Ramona, a longtime night-shift server: "They love it. They usually order three cups by the time their meals arrive. I don't know why."

Happy hours: Daily 4–7 pm and 6–9 am (yes, that's six in the morning).

Happy-hour drink specials: $4 well drinks, $2 domestic draft beer (PBR, Miller Lite), $3 micro drafts (Mac & Jack's, Sierra Nevada), $1 off all pitchers. recommended