The power of eating an oyster raw on the half shell lies in the immediate consumption of an entire organism. If eating your enemy's heart gives you their life force, an oyster—cool and (yes) slimy and salty- gorgeous—gives you the life force of the sea itself. Anchovies & Olives dresses each one—a tiny confetti of pickled beets, lime with fresh horseradish—but purists will want to order them naked. The thrifty will want to order them at Power Hour, when they're one-third the price—$1 each—and 100 percent as delicious. Bonus: prosecco and other Italian wines for $5 a glass, and $2 Peronis. (Anchovies & Olives, 1550 15th Ave, 838-8080. Daily 5–6 pm and 10 pm–midnight.)